No, It’s Not April 1st: This Re-Release Of The Commodore 64 Can Run Crysis

It seems completely incomprehensible that Commodore USA would re-release the Commodore 64, let alone price it at nearly $900, but that’s exactly what’s happened.

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captain-obvious2810d ago

is this some kind of a joke ?

inveni02809d ago

They're computers in stylized casing.

Big whoop.

JsonHenry2810d ago

I could build one hellofa gaming rig for their top end prices...

-Mezzo-2810d ago

IT LIVES, It Lives............. I'm so happy.

Whoa $900, I guess it'll be better to spend all that money on the games coming out this game.

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Bathyj2810d ago

Anyone remember Space Taxi?

I'm doing a homage on LBP.

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The story is too old to be commented.