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PirateThom2756d ago

Well, that's all well and good except, the PSN servers were hit so, what now?

NewMonday2756d ago

1- lol
2- expect more lawsuits
3- never was part of the plan

The only thing they managed to do is piss off gamers, and screw geohot by harassing the judge of his case, and going after the families of Sony workers... That is just...

captain-obvious2756d ago


what are they going to do ??
more denial of service attacks and rage e-mails to employees and the judge ??


somerandomdude2756d ago (Edited 2756d ago )

hmmm, Cyber terrorists, Do they really expect to scare Sony.

I don't support terrorism of any kind so they don't get my vote. I'm sure the judicial system will take care of any legal problems in court though.

Sarcasm2756d ago

I'm curious what's the point in all this? It's like their fighting for a cause that a wide majority don't really give a damn about.

Bull5hifT2756d ago

A.B.C. Annonomous,( Suxxors)BaLL'z, Kawkz

MaxXAttaxX2756d ago (Edited 2756d ago )

Because all slim PS3s were never made with, advertised or sold with that feature.

This is pointless.
No one cares about Other OS. A cheap old laptop can run a better version of Linux.

If they wanted it back, a civilized petition would have been a lot better than hacking Sony's property (there's a difference between modifying hardware and software).

ct032756d ago

3 was never part of the plan? Oh really, then why do they WANT those IP addresses?

Of course it's part of the plan. We're talking about Sony. If you visited Geohot's blog, Sony wants to know. And if at all possible, sue your a55.

hay2756d ago (Edited 2756d ago )

It's GeoHot not GeoHotz. Holy hell, they don't even know proper Hotz's online nickname... Crusade my ass...

Sony has already my IP from my PS3 and PSP, what's the problem?

And someone tell me now they're not terrorists.

It's a sad day for humanity...

GrieverSoul2756d ago (Edited 2756d ago )

You know what?! Im done with this! Im gonna sue Sony because when they advertised the PS1 they said I could run the latest games with the best technology around and the best graphics. Its says that in my PS1 games manual and merchandise I collected. Still, I put Crysis 2 and it does even recognize the disc!!! WTF Sony?! You said it was an amazing machine the best graphic capabilities around! Im gonna sue your arse!!


Equinoxe_72756d ago


You cant depart hacking and pirating, they go hand ind hand, but not all hackers pirate, with your logic, i can lay windows code out public, without any problems.

JackBNimble2756d ago (Edited 2756d ago )

If Anon is saying that they're not going after the player, then why haven't I been able to log on the psn for the last 13 hours?

These people should realise that the other OS was removed because of these hackers.And Geohot flat out stole propietary codes and freely distributed them over then net. Of coures he's going to get sued, in fact it's my opinion that this should have been a criminal case.

I support sony, not the thieving hackers , if this means I lose my access to psn for now then fine. I would rather lose my psn then to see sony give into this childish bullshit.

Just consider what this will mean for the security of the ps4. There are going to be some big changes next gen because of all this crap.

HappyGaming2756d ago

They should attack the government to lower student fees...

I_find_it_funny2756d ago

TBH I cant believe there arent any mockups yet

lociefer2756d ago

gamers demands from anonymous

1-fuck off
2-get a life
3-go to mexico

Rinus4542756d ago

Anyone willing to put a bounty on their heads? I, and I'm sure a lot of other gamers, would gladly donate money for that!

The person who comes up with the longest list of info(Names and such) gets the cash...

Heartnet2756d ago

Mm They are a little hypocritcal saying Sony can get IP adresses from Geohotz site even though they look up peoples names and details.. they gotta ask emselves whats worse lol?

Also they will probably cross reference the IP addresses for the video with PSN and check those accounts for any abnormalities etc.

Vherostar2756d ago

I just hate how these hackers are bombing sony as they have now patched latest firmware against piracy as this is what this is all about lets be honest. From those list of demands they want full piracy back and now they ain't got it out comes the dummy.. Shameful :(. Guys just give it up there a huge company and won't stop until they catch you now. You made a huge mistake attacking them a HUGE one.

Bebedora2756d ago (Edited 2756d ago )

@Nathan - I cannot disagree more at your comment of linux on a ps3 being just a 'fancy' feature. Renderfarms and [email protected] says hello. Just to get the idea for you.

Besides of that...Anon could start erasing your PSN+ information and what not...I think. I don't realy know that, but sounds plausible enough to consider. DDos is what I think, a tryout to see how far they can go with this ABUSE.

Heartnet2756d ago


But people who used linux for serious reasons wouldnt have updated since they would have no use for the psn acess lol..

inveni02756d ago

That video contains misinformation (the terms with which Sony can get IP addresses). Sony does not have access to YouTube's servers. If you watch a video, you're safe. They only have access to the IP addresses that were used to gain access to the illegal content distributed by Hotz. They do not have the right to get your PERSONAL information. They are simply being allowed to get the IP addresses in order to show that the codes were, in fact, distributed and distributed widely.

If they don't have their facts straight, who will take them seriously?

Sugaruby332755d ago

Sony getting cyber attacked from a group that is now considered some form of terrorists.

Where's John McClane when you need him?

Jezuz2755d ago

number 3 is understandable

jadenkorri2755d ago

noway sony can ban/sue someone for visiting a website. I cant believe Anonymous really believes that. The only thing i can for see is sony comparing those IPs to ps3s on the network and double checking for mods, cmon now, cant check 40 million plus ps3s.

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rrw2756d ago

1 if they mean other OS possibility. jailbreak no
2 not a chance
3 i dont think sony will do that

HolyOrangeCows2756d ago (Edited 2756d ago )

1- I agree with rrw.

2- These people still don't get it. This lawsuit isn't over Geohotz modifying his own console. He took stolen copy protected codes and software and distributed them.

3- Then maybe you should stop trying to affect their business, eh? If someone started stacking potato sacks in front of your store doors so that customers couldn't get in, shouldn't you be given restitution? If you are selling delicious soup with a secret recipe, should Elaine be allowed to give away copies of your recipe in front of your store? Then why should the PSN DDoS "hackers" and distributors of Sony's code be allowed to do what their doing without Sony getting restitution?

Besides, I doubt Sony is going to bother. I'm sure they just want to cement their right in court to protect their intellectual properties. It's not like they're going to PROFIT from suing Geohotz.

"Sony should invest all this money that they're giving to lawyers, into putting a better security on the ps3"
So.....what? They fire their lawyers that they employ year round? All corporations have a personal team of lawyers. They didn't open up the yellow pages to find them...

-Alpha2756d ago (Edited 2756d ago )

1. I agree with rrw too and think removal of other OS wasn't necessary. Sony originally seemed to do it to cut costs, I thought, but then they said it was a security issue.

2. I think this is a fair thing to say. They have the right to modify content they own. This ties in with #3

3. In relation to #2, I'm not sure if it's legal to go after hackers if they did not steal the codes themselves and got it from someone like Geo.

Since you said the issue is with Geo stealing codes, how are other hackers who now have the source code (or are now using Geo's method) stealing? I think this is where hackers are saying they are allowed to hack while Sony is actually going after hackers via IP addresses, etc.

It's like if I steal the secret ingredient to your delicious soup and announce it to the world. You can't arrest the world for that, can you?

I think Sony should just stick to suing Geo and stop going after other hackers. This is why Anonymous seems to have come around-- they are fighting against a corporation trying to make an example out of GeoHotz. And I'm sure Sony expected something like this since they seem to be going after all hackers.

And as for hacking itself, I still see nothing wrong with it. It's not synonymous with piracy and in that regard Sony is violating the right for people who own the product to modify the content. And I think that's what people are arguing about

I'm noticing these demands don't seem to include bringing Geo out of punishment as he stole codes he did not own so he could not possibly qualify for #2

I'm not well versed in the law or completely understand the issue so I'm open to suggestions, but I have read great arguments from both sides and think both have good points.

SoapShoes2756d ago

They don't own the software, Alpha. They don't have the right to effect millions of gamers. These demands are ridiculous and only hurt them.

Money = power. If you don't have money, you lose in this world. The people with the most money control the world and these Anonymous fools are playing with danger. Money will make their anonymity disappear and they will go to court.

-Alpha2756d ago (Edited 2756d ago )


I think they do own the software, though. I'm not entirely sure, but I thought guys like Apple lost for the same reason.

I know Money=power, and that is the issue they seem to have. And I'm somewhat understanding of what they are doing: they have no other way of making their voices heard so they have to actually annoy Sony. And I don't think Sony is completely innocent either: they knew this was going to come, you can't expect the internet to get pushed around without people fighting back. I don't really get why Sony is wasting their efforts going after other hackers when they have Geo, the guy who primarily caused this.

As for affecting millions of gamers, I think this is vastly overblown. I don't see the issue of hacking: Modern Warfare 2 was the only game I recall with a major issue but this was explained by IW:

They relied SOLELY on platform security-- hence they had no way to protect themselves. This was an oversight on IW's end, and one that they claimed to have learned (TA has their own security)

XBL has hackers who boost achievements, etc. Yet no one makes a big deal out of that. When Sony has a Trophy hack, people go crazy

I don't think hacking is going to affect Sony much at all, since XBox and Wii seem to be fine.

The only reason Sony is pissed is because GeoHotz seemed to have stolen property. But I don't know if it's right to go after all other hackers for what Geo did. The information is out there, and instead of wasting resources trying to stop the spread of information on the internet, they should just deal with Geo and move on instead of trying to fight a war that will only end up hurting us

SoapShoes2756d ago

Apple is different, an iPod is not a console. As for being vastly overblown, the PSP is a fine example of how hacking has ruined online games.

-Alpha2756d ago (Edited 2756d ago )


Fair enough, I'm unaware of the extent of damage hacking has done to PSP, though I hear it's bad. However, are PSP games similar to PS3 games? Do they have their own security or do they rely on PSP? I'm not sure how it works, but while PSP has been affected poorly, consoles seem to have dealt with it fine

I just don't know if Sony has a right to go after other hackers. But time will tell.

As for iPod not being a console, what difference does that make? (Not a rhetorical question)

Isn't the iPod's software hacked, and didn't people argue the same thing about ownership of software?

And as for

Godmars2902756d ago (Edited 2756d ago )

Even if they do own the software it doesn't give the right to modify it. Not to the point they can then copy other software.

They also can't expect to be responded to civilly after both making and delivering threats. Sony giving in now would only open the door to direct extortion.

Jailbreaking the iPhone is different from this instance since it allowed people who bought one outright the ability to outside of AT&T network. Also, once those people accepted that choice, it limited the iPhone's overall effectiveness. Here we're talking about using a jailbroken PS3 within the PSN network. That's what these guys and Geohot are fighting for at this point: the right for them to do as they see fit on the PS3's and Sony's system network. That includes stealing and other people's accounts if they can.

Also in regards to XBL; you mean MS doesn't ban XBL accounts and consoles? Those people don't then try to replace by any means, those banned consoles?

SoapShoes2756d ago

@Alpha, Sony sure as heck has a right to go after other hackers now that they have screwed with their websites, PSN, etc. Heck not just Sony has a right to go after them, so do all of the people they have threatened.

-Alpha2756d ago (Edited 2756d ago )


Thanks for the informative post. I want to make clear that I'm just trying to understand the issue better by trying to look at what Anon is arguing about. I don't necessarily agree with them or their ways. The questions I ask aren't exactly meant to challenge anyone, I'm just trying to get a more informative perspective. So I have a couple questions for you, Godsmars:

Why can they not modify content if they own it? That doesn't make sense to me. If you own anything, why can't you modify it?*

Claiming they are copying software is an issue of piracy, which is not entirely related to the main point about hacking, and I don't think it's right to assume hackers=pirates, even though many pirates do exist

And, I have no expectation for Sony to give in either. I am somewhat understanding of their position but don't think they are in any position to make demands.

And thanks for the info on the iPhone.

I get now the issue about affecting PSN.

As for stealing other people's accounts, has that happened yet? And is that possible, or is that a myth? I think I remember hackers saying they can do it, but not sure if it's true.

*In regards to XBL, isn't it smarter to ban consoles for hacking as opposed to going after all hackers for modifying content that they own? I think in regards to hacking the PS3 and modifying content you own, there is an issue when you cheat/affect other users. Isn't this how MS does it? And can't Sony too? Allow hackers, but ban them once they cheat, etc-- in other words, instead of using resources to find hackers in real life, adapt to their tricks? (Or are they able to fly off the radar in PS3's case?)

I was under the assumption that MS bans hackers if they actually pirate/break rules like achievement boosting.

Is XBox's hack different in regards to jailbreaking within PSN's system?

I remember hearing all this talk about "master keys" and thought that if this was such a big hack something big would have happened. After seeing that nothing major has come about I assumed the hack was no different than what XBox has. Or is Sony combating these mega-hacks with the firmware patches?

Christopher2756d ago (Edited 2756d ago )

***I think they do own the software, though. I'm not entirely sure, but I thought guys like Apple lost for the same reason. ***

They didn't. They won the right to open it up to allow use with other service providers (not AT&T). Unfortunately, this left the door open to also allowing the creation of custom software and modifying it further.

Apple could have gone against every individual who illegally created software, but the cheaper option was to just update and market the iPhone 4 with new security that nullified the old phones and require later iOS installations.

Sony has only gone after people who have:

A) distributed data covered by security laws in order to protect businesses and the identity of their customers.

B) distributed code that contains or itself modifies sony's own IP.

The massive differences between Apple and Sony is that the firmware for iOS is not the storefront for iTunes, yet the PS3 firmware is PSN. This means that hacking the PS3 firmware is directly tied to adversely affecting Sony's business.

Jailbreaking an iPhone/iTouch doesn't prevent someone from buying apps or open up security holes that would allow one to fraudulently obtain someone else's information.

Godmars2902756d ago

By all counts, Sony is trying to prevent the cycle of ban hacked console, console finds its way to an innocent 3rd party or landfill, that MS seems to have found itself in yet not really care since they're making money on new accounts and replacement consoles which will only be hacked again because hackers are like that. Likewise the account hack/switch is another hacker threat so it shouldn't be ignored.

The real sad thing is Sony did and does allow modding to a degree in the form of games such as LBP, Modnation racers and even UT3. OtherOS was another opportunity that few used and Geohot exploited, so someone at Sony overrated and removed it instead of trying to fix the hole. if that idiot had been as smart as he claims he is he would have gone to Sony about the issue, presented a fix and maybe a couple of apps along with a resume, but instead he went the attention whore route. Now Anonymous is riled up and think cyber bullying will cower a multi-billion dollar company into giving away a good chunk of its livelihood.

BulletToothtony2756d ago

Sony should invest all this money that they're giving to lawyers, into putting a better security on the ps3, hire a lot a mods and control the PSN and ban the ps3s of the people that are using pirated games or are playing with hacks.

The money they're spending on this is ridiculous, and they run and are willing to spend so much money.

But when we ask for features like in-game music for all games it has been years and they don't do it.

Spend on security and not on geohot, this issue it's irreversible! Even if they win what's the point.

Other option would be to hire geohot to work for them and block any flaws in their security system.

Kill 2 birds with one stone.

nnotdead2756d ago (Edited 2756d ago )

you do not own the sw. you license the sw. if you truly owned the sw, developers wouldn't be allowed to ban people who hack or glitch during mp games.

if someone fully owned the sw, some guy running around in god mode in mp would be allowed to, because he bought and fully owns it. it is his so anything he did to give himself an advantage would be in his right. this hypothetical guy can't do this cause he doesn't truly own it. the developer/publisher owns the rights.

now if the same guy mods his controller so it makes it easier for him to shoot, run, aim, etc better, that's fully in his right. the do sell "rapid fire" 360 controllers for cod. the are legal because no software is changed to make them work. the also sell those analog extensions that many use to help with their play as well.

jadenkorri2756d ago

@ Alpha-Male22
on the 360, ur console is banned for any type of modification, whether a simple fan upgrade to keep it cooler or any software on it that's not MS approved/created. Same thing pretty much for the PS3, except the hard drive.
As for geohot, hes not being sued cause he hacked the system or modified his console, he being sued for releasing vital security information about the ps3 that put the ps3/psn at risk. Although the internet is crowded with misinformation of why geohot being sued.
@ BulletToothtony
no way a company would hire someone to protect a system he hacked and caused the company millions. Besides that fact, if they did hire Geohot, someone else would just hack the ps3 and will want his job, and the cycle would never end. Its why America's stand on terrorism is not to give in to their demands, cause they do it once, another group will do the same thing and expect that result.

reonkaze2756d ago


1. First ipad, iphone, psp hacking is acceptable just like ps3, wii, and xbox--simply put.

The difference between these hacks and the ps3 hack via without OS option comes down to one simple thing, "encryption". Nobody can stop you from modifying a system that you purchased. The system comes with a public key that you also own. The private key is owned by sony and used to validate your legal software as well signing of any new updates and the ability to enjoy the games online. Geohot broke into the system and acquired the private key which allows him to sign off on any software he wants, on behalf of sony. Its no different from forging a signature on a will to get access to goodies. Then he distroed the keys-- a direct violation of the digital millenium act-- its the same as making illegal copies of a movie and then putting it on bittorrent. Both the distro "geohot" and downloaders "hackers" are in the wrong and can be prosecuted.

geohot says he wanted to unlock the other OS feature as the sole reason for the hacking. Do you guys know why other os was removed in the first place? Thats right geohot used his linux to break into the ps3 for hypervisor access. There was limitless potential with the otheros feature, yet he broke into the ps3 anyways, he says he doesnt codone piracy yet thats exactly what he did, there wasnt any reason to break into ps3 in the first and later on he ditroed the keys.

Third. Im not sure if anonymous is fully aware with what geohot and the other hackers have done. Considering the fact that they are very smart, im assuming they know all the facts before declaring war on Sony. They seem like modern day robin hoods, but reality they are doing more harm to consumers and people who enjoy the product. Protesting and setting up funds for the hackers to get a fair trial are legit ways they can get there goodwill known, not ruining everyones experience. Even if they get there way or even get there point accross, its nothing more than a pyrrhic victory as all the people will end up despising them for ruining there experience. Im all for freedom of information and freedom of speech but not at the cost of everyones expense. Hopefully they will realize this fact and stop this meaningless assault.

Equinoxe_72756d ago


You cant depart hacking and pirating, they go hand ind hand, but not all hackers pirate, with your logic, i can lay windows code out public, without any problems.

Heartnet2756d ago

Btw guys you dont own the software.. A fine example would be u bought a game u own the disc and the right to play it but u dont own the game files and the right to distribute the game.

So this case u own a console u have the right to modify it but u dont have the right to distribut the master key around the internet :)

+ this would all be done and dusted if Geohot wasnt a Attention seeker and stayed in the shadows like some other hackers smartly do

forevercloud30002755d ago

@Alpha Male
Actually I think u technically COULD arrest the world(or anyone who took it).

Its like with drugs. There are those who are legally allowed to possess them. If someone distributes them illegally they can be held accountable. Yet also anyone who purchased them can be be charged with illegal possession.

The average joe is not suppose to have these codes/data so by nature they illegally posses them and can be charged.

Now should a company be able to say whether someone can mod their product within their own home? NO, once purchased it is urs. As long as u are not trying to make a profit from it, its fine.Yet unfortunate truth is many who mod, STEAL. I had a modded PSP for years. Played all sorts of stuff on it but never dloaded games that I did not posses once. I used special apps that were never physically available for the system. Modding should be used to bring in new ideas on how to utilize hardware, not used as a venue for thievery.

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metsgaming2756d ago

Sony should send them this song as a reply.

Look in the summary for the lyrics it really fits well with the Sony vs hacker situation.

frostyhat1232756d ago

Hahah these guys really know how to put on a show!

badz1492756d ago

Anon, you guys are too funny! after showing the UGLY side of hackers (are these guys really real hacker?), you want Sony to just let it go and let hackers do what they want?

you guys have done nothing but strengthen the case in Sony's favor! and you guys are thinking that you're going to help GeoDouche? IMO you guys just made it harder on him!

good luck though with those 3 demands as I am going to continue with the lulz!


jadenkorri2756d ago

yeah, seriously, i mean, their harassing the judge of the case. Not a very good idea, its like the mob threatening the judge to dismiss the case. And, well we all know what happened to the Mob. Anonymous just put a really bad image on hackers, and laws may get passed in regards to what we can do at home and on our own computers, way to go Anonymous.

MGRogue20172756d ago (Edited 2756d ago )

No, Anonymous have stated that they do have access to the PSN servers.. but they are not currently targeting/attacking 'em, as they “are not after the players.”

They are only targeting/attacking Sony's websites

SoapShoes2756d ago

They don't give a **** about the players, right now it's only a facade and will attack it eventually. It's only a matter of time.

thekiddfran2756d ago

When they get desperate for a solution they will attack the psn servers. right now, sony is counteracting their assault on their websites, soon they will get desperate and want to hurt sony...psn.

TBM2756d ago

Whoever he/she, it are please go do something with yourself. Im not going to let these dillweeds ruin my gaming fun.

Back to dragon age for me, and then some kz3.

MAiKU2756d ago (Edited 2756d ago )

Faceless lemmings gathering around downloading a tool that makes them feel like a "hacker" don't decide between right and wrong.

I don't let scared children hiding behind a facade make the rules. This isn't that kind of country or world.

Maybe we the gamers, and i mean all the gamers as a whole, should fight back at them and show them how the majority of gamers feel.

squidyj2756d ago

I feel like i'm tired of having corporations write the law on intellectual property rights through lobby groups. Are you planning on representing that?

MAiKU2756d ago (Edited 2756d ago )


Oh yeah that's right, yeah cuz it's always the corporations making laws, suing individuals, and winning. Oh it's never NEVER NEVER the other way around.


Go back to high school and pass government this time ok?

And how the hell is your response a reply to my comment? That has nothing to do with 13 year old kids downloading a hacker tool and attacking a website with some self dignified sense of right and wrong. And i do mean 13, kids can easily download that through torrents there's a lot a kid these days can do on the internet and hacking is one of them.

Heck, i'd take a corporation with adults who have degrees than faceless, hey everyone jump on in on the lol wagon, prepubescent "retards on stereoids" making the laws. ARE YOU planning on representing that?

If you think i'm angry, i am, and i have a right to be. They did in fact attack the psn servers and i couldn't even watch netflix because you have to sign in to do that...

MaxXAttaxX2756d ago (Edited 2756d ago )

It's Sony's creation. That's why it's their intellectual property. You want them to just give it away to everyone?

TotalPS3Fanboy2756d ago (Edited 2756d ago )

What is Anonon going to do? Throw more rocks at Sony's Heavy Armor Tank?

Sony already got the Tiger Blood. And Sony is going to get the Winnings in the end too.

Lord_Doggington2756d ago

I have to say, that video is fucking badass.

SoulMisaki2756d ago

I do not mind these demands. I mean, alot of people would like Linux back, not just Hackers. And they just need to make it more secure. The third thing is easy to do.

The second is the one that Sony will not back down on though.

Anonymous is okay, but the way they go about things is completely wrong.

TheMrMadzen2756d ago

"Getting popcorn"
I'm gonna enjoy my ass off seeing these guys fail! xD

Scary692756d ago

Hmmm, harassing a judge if the FBI gets involve I would hate to be the an*s of Anonymous..LMAO What a douche this kid is.

Brosy2756d ago

Go Anon!! fight the power!! Don't pay any attention to these mindless drones!!!

xAlmostPro2756d ago

So basically they want piracy.. and them to stop sueing somebody who broke the law..