New Sonic Trailer to be Revealed Tomorrow at 6 a.m PST - NGLB

Sega announced that they were revealing a new Sonic trailer at 6 a.m. PST on their twitter earlier today. Could this be the oft rumored Sonic Anniversary collection, featuring modernized versions of Sonic's greatest levels from the Genesis days?

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PygmelionHunter2813d ago

It better be a new game, Sonic Adventure 3 would be awesome... Frankly, ive had enough of these sonic collections.

Master_S2812d ago

WTF!!! this is old news man.

wwm0nkey2812d ago

trailer already the hell is this getting passed?

N4G, step your shit up.

SilverSlug2812d ago

Dude, I complain about old news making it and I get disagreed by fanboys (see Rise of Nightmares rating being passed on front page like 3 times).

KwietStorm2812d ago

Just let the poor little blue hedgehog die already. Sega has been killing him slowly for so long, it's depressing.

SilverSlug2812d ago

Says man with Street Fighter avatar.

SilverSlug2811d ago

Point is that there are plenty of SF games, some of which suck.

Sonic Colors, Sonic 4 where good. This one looks like its the same direction with a retro flare.

Why not stop being a hypocrite and wait for the game to have some playable footage before you start whining?

KwietStorm2811d ago (Edited 2811d ago )

The only Street Fighter games that are sub par are the EX series. My point about Sonic is that it has gotten worse with every new game since the first run, something that you cannot compare to Street Fighter. How can you tell me to stop being a hypocrite based on YOUR statement haha.. Why don't you hop off and respect someone else's opinion?

hiredhelp2811d ago

i agree. since it went 3D ive never liked a sngle one. dont like the revamp classic. i much prefer the classic sequels. they over milked sonic to were it feels no more like sonic for me.

L6RD7BLU32812d ago

Yeah dumb shi* like this gets posted but when I have "ACTUAL" news it doesn't get posted, the grammar officers makes sure of that.

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