Torchlight XBLA Review (Crush! Frag! Destroy!)

CFD!'s Rob Rich takes a look at the Xbox Live Arcade port of the popular dungeon crawler:

"Chances are you’re at least familiar with Torchlight. Ever since its release on PC some time ago it’s been generally referred to as the pseudo-Diablo everyone’s been playing while they wait for Diablo III. And with good reason, as it follows the dungeon-crawling, loot-hoarding formula perfectly and even adds some of its own touches along the way.

"You arrive in the town of Torchlight to find it under siege by hordes of monsters pouring out from tunnels in the nearby mountain. After briefly assisting two other heroes in holding off an attack, you start your descent through the mines, Necropolis, ancient ruins and so on, as you attempt to discover the cause for the town’s plight. There’s a little mystery, some betrayal and a whole heap of killin’ to do."

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tigresa2784d ago

Can't wait for the real Diablolz!

Ndigity2784d ago

Interesting, but I'll probably stick with PC.

Heart1lly2784d ago

You know, I could never really get into Torchlight despite how much praise it has received. But getting achievements for it is very tempting.