IGN - Expanding the World of Portal 2

IGN - Portal 2 is coming up quickly, and Valve has teamed with IGN Comics for the exclusive debut of the supplemental Portal 2 comic book, produced in-house by the company with the help of the co-creator of Powers and The Mice Templar, Michael Avon Oeming. With Oeming leading a team of talented creators like Andrea Wicklund, Ted Kosmatka, Erik Wolpaw, Jay Pinkerton, and Chet Faliszek, Valve has big plans for the world of Portal.

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dumahim2784d ago

It's neat they're doing a comic, but I wish they didn't include those sample images. They talk about a rumored character, but then most of the stuff they show is showing what appears to be the very same character.
I'll be avoiding it until after I've played the game.

Electronicpart2783d ago

where can i buy this comic ?