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sinncross2757d ago

The truth of the matter is that they were realistically only going to launch in 1 region this year: we've known this for a while.

I can only imagine that Tretton used the disaster to solidify this point.

But there is always hope, and hopefully Sony are able to hit the original launch window they had planned :)

mushroomwig2757d ago

To be honest it really doesn't matter what's happening with the NGP right now, the people of Japan have more important things to think about and we should respect that.

Dart892757d ago (Edited 2757d ago )

Wow who would disagree with you?

Edit:That's good know now we just need a price confirmation and we are set.

mushroomwig2757d ago

I guess gaming is more important than anything for some. *sighs*

Etseix2757d ago

Games are more important than any person...

Id say that if i were a heartless basta*d or a little kid with no time to think on the people over Japan.

Haters gonna hate i guess ..

lastdual2757d ago

True, but business has to keep flowing if Japan going to recover economically. Delayed product launches, particularly for exported products that will bring revenue into the country, doesn't make the situation any better.

Bathyj2757d ago (Edited 2757d ago )

I disagree. (Although I didnt press disagree.)

What are you saying? Because of Japans situation, one company should halt their business and run around giving out first aid kits or manning soup kitchens?

People need to get back to doing what they do.

Sony is getting on with life. The world, and even Japan doesnt stop because of a Tsunami, and it shows their spirit to soldier on.

Its when things are darkest, that people need to have some fun the most. Why do you think during the Great Depression, everyone wanted to drink?

Your analogy "the people of Japan have more important things to think about" is true, but would be more apt used against things like delaying a game like Motorstorm in the US and UK.

I mean, they DO have more important thing to worry about than what you're playing and quiet honestly, I would think its a plus to have some revenue coming in.

Japan didnt stop selling TV's or DVD players, why should they stop games or handhelds?

HolyOrangeCows2757d ago

+1 well said

You can't stop living life after a natural disaster. It sucks and we all need to learn to work together to get through them, but they have to work towards returning to the norm.

"What about Doom and Rage?"
Glad to see I'm not the only one who thought of the game Quake when I read the title, lol.

Spenok2757d ago

Very true. Though i have been anxious to know which region it may or may not have been this year. Hope things are going well for everyone over there. Im joining the military soon (actually taking the asvab tomorrow morning) and will be choosing Japan as my primary choice for a base. Hope i get it!

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antihiroprotagonist2757d ago

I'm...retarded. I seriously thought that this article was going to be about a Quake remake or something...I'm that tired

Stealth20k2757d ago

its going to be out in 1 region

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