PSNStores: Sonic the Hedgehog Review

Ben writes: "Sonic The Hedgehog is great, and the PSN version doesn’t change this in the slightest. If you were a fan of the game when it first came out, then you’ll likely still be a fan of it now."

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Kte2694d ago


Dart892694d ago

Old school game's seem more fun than this generation well to me they do don't know about everyone else.

afterMoth2694d ago

back when Sonic was great, back when Sega was awesome..

Redempteur2694d ago

nothing to say except that it's the same game with saves states

cochise3132694d ago

I just downloaded sonic 2 today. This is the golden era of gaming.

andron6662694d ago

Arg, I can't get past the cubes in Industrial Zone 2. Drown repeat...

Neko_Mega2694d ago

Well I think it does change it, it isn't setup like how it was on Genesis, not using the same controller and has HD.

And some online stuff, but it doesn't change how great the game is, but I do wish I had a Street Fighter 4 controller for this. I hate using analogs or even having them there.