Final Tensa Zangetsu Bankai Form Ichigo in Bleach: Soul Ignition

The calmer, stronger form of Ichigo has been confirmed playable

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ephellstrom1912d ago

I'm pretty sure the final getsuga tenshou would destroy your entire console.

tayz1912d ago

haha that would be funny!

but i do hope we can use the final attack, mugen no jutsu or w/e its called. that would be real badass. i'm sure it would be like a suicide kind of attack in the game, or so i hope so it's like the anime.

ephellstrom1912d ago

Yeah, playing as Aizen could get tricky, too, since he has 80 forms or something like that.

Parapraxis1912d ago

Such a great anime at the start... wow did it ever go down the shi^^er though.

GoldPS31912d ago

The fight with Aizen wasn't great. It was too short and boring. I do like Bleach more than Naruo tho.

ephellstrom1912d ago

You know, I don't get why the grimmjow fight lasted way longer than Ichigo and Aizen. I mean really, everyone knows it's probably never going to end anyway so what the hell did they rush it for?

tayz1912d ago

the music in the ichigo/aizen fight was pretty good. specially the first time ichigo appears in his long hair form

jetlian1912d ago

fight was a combined fight though.took many high fighters to bring him down.

Killzone3___1912d ago (Edited 1912d ago )

will ichigo get his powers again ?.. it's boring watching bleach after the final fight... they need to do more fighting , i don't like how they skip swinging and hiting the swords and stuff like that , they need to make the fighting in swords more challening... we didn't see alot from the final bankai form :/

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Lirky1912d ago

Internet = Holds all and most animes their latest on-going anime episodes.

Cable television = Every weekend you view bleach being patient for the next episode.

= The game developers are moving fast releasing these anime games.

Its chaos.

Basically what im trying to say is that those ppl who watch bleach on [as] every saturday they did not get to see final forms etc. stuff that reveals in the latest games. So the game developers should slow the hell down.

tayz1912d ago (Edited 1912d ago )

the game is coming to japan only i think and they already showed this ichigo form.

also who watches the bleach dubs only? lol

jetlian1912d ago

japan showed final form 6 weeks ago.