Game Guys preview: Jimmie Johnson's Anything With an Engine

Kart racing games are nothing new but it's rare that one comes out that can compare with the high standards that Nintendo set with its Mario Kart franchise. A little-known game development studio is hoping to meet or exceed those standards with the impressive-seeming Jimmie Johnson's Anything With an Engine.

The game is actually the brain-child of NASCAR racer Jimmie Johnson. Johnson, who is a gamer himself, wanted to build a fun racing game that he and his buddies (both NASCAR and not) could enjoy. It's from that inspiration that Anything With an Engine became real.

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TheSoundDefense2811d ago

The game quality might get up there with Mario Kart, but it's incredibly hard to measure up to name recognition like that. Especially when your game's name is "Anything With an Engine". It's not going to be that easy to remember, I'm sure.

matey2810d ago

FAST on wiiware or soon to be on wiiware is looking better graphically then this so u have been beat sorry by shinnen