The Last Guardian: Can Team Ico tug at the heartstrings a third time? - CVG

Cats. They never do what you ask. The longer you care for them, the more likely they are to pay attention, but you can't boss them around like you can a stupid old dog.

Thank goodness, then, for catnip: a potent kitty-cat drug that will have them follow you just about anywhere. And so it is for Trico, the colossal cat-bird hybrid beside which our hero, a small boy in robes, awakens in The Last Guardian.

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waltyftm2810d ago

A very early Merry christmas to all the ps3 fans out there.

TotalPS3Fanboy2810d ago

I am getting this for Christmas.

Kal8532809d ago

Looks like it's going to be something special. And now I want a cat.

Spenok2809d ago

I don't have much doubt. The first 2 games were great, this one will be as well I'm certain. Can't wait for this game.

DigitalRaptor2809d ago

Team Ico have a pedigree that I don't believe they can tarnish.

I was moved whilst watching the trailer. I imagine I will be a sobbing wreck by the game's final scenes. Just kidding of course, but this game will definitely earn a place in my heart.