GameStop: Can it Avoid Trash Bin of History?

Recently, GameStop announced what may be the two most significant digital acquisitions in its history in Spawn Labs and Impulse. The former is a cloud gaming company, whose technology might be used to allow customers who purchase physical, retail copies of games to also play that game via a variety of devices – an intriguing possibility. Impulse, more conventionally but importantly, allows digital purchases of games that used to be the subsidiary of Stardock Systems; it provides a foothold in the direct download market that the company previously lacked before.

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donniebaseball2811d ago

It might take longer than it did for Blockbuster, but ultimately GameStop's empire will crumble. It might be another 10 years but it'll happen. So trash bin it is!

EYEamNUMBER12811d ago

blockbuster was loosing millions and millions for years

gamestop is NOT

like em or not gamestop ain't going anywhere