Faces of PlayStation: Nathan Drake vs. Lara Croft

This year we have a battle of the icons with a Tomb Raider reboot, and the third installment of the Uncharted series both being released. They are both fairly similar games, in fact, there can be no doubt that the Tomb Raider series is a huge influence on the Uncharted series. Although there is certainly space for both games and their iconic protagonists to coexist without a hassle, I find myself questioning which game will be better and consequently which icon will grab my heart this year.

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ChrisPriestman2809d ago

Maybe we could settle this by forcing them to get married and have a child of awesomeness?

Lara Drake...Nathan Croft... :D

perfectCarbonara2809d ago (Edited 2809d ago )

Nathan Drake Jr.

theafroman2809d ago

nathan drake and lara croft should meet to make sweet sweet love.

Quagmire2809d ago

I wont lie. I would pay to watch that.

Sharingan_no_Kakashi2809d ago

Drake owes a lot to Lara, but now that the student has surpassed the master (and by that I mean completely took her to school in her own game) the next Tomb Raider game had better be something special.

ExplosionSauce2807d ago

As a true fan of both, I'd have to say that they're very different games.

They hunt for treasure in remote areas.
And that's about it.

Silly gameAr2809d ago

Why do I feel like this is an attempt to get gamers to go at each other?

Parapraxis2809d ago

Action Adventure games have always been my favourite genre, so I'll most likely be getting both of these.
That being said, Uncharted 2 is on my top ten list of games of all time.

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