"It's no survival horror game”: Interview with Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City’s producer

Rely on Horror writes: "Along with attending an exclusive presentation, GamePro Germany also held an interesting interview with Operation Raccoon City’s producer Masachika Kawata. Click the link for fully the translated interview."

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mushroomwig2811d ago

A Resident Evil game that isn't survival horror isn't actually a Resident Evil game in my opinion.

I hope the company takes a step back and realises that the fans want their RE games to be scary, that's what made the franchise popular to begin with. Sadly now they're just screwing with the fans.

EYEamNUMBER12811d ago

the people who actually care about horror are the minority of the fans that's why RE4 and RE5 have outsold all of the other previous entries

fact of the matter is horror does NOT sell like it once used to

as for this game it sounds like a piece of junk to me and i wont bother with it unless i see something worthwhile

qface642811d ago

there's still a market out there for horror games but its not as huge as it used to be

sales of RE started to go up the more they moved away from horror if i remember right RE5 is the highest selling one

there will always be SOME horror left in RE but if your expecting it to return to the way it once was you should just stop because it wont happen

lociefer2811d ago

imo , it will fail unless resident evil sees the light like mortal kombat did, they followed their fans and now are wining them back (like me), i just hope the resident evil series spawns more genius ideas like nemesis or Birkin

qface642811d ago


Resident Evil 5 didn't follow what the so called fans were asking for and it was a hit same thing for RE4

will this game be as big as RE4/RE5? i don't think so but will it fail? i don't think so it will sell at the least 2mil considering this is a non cannon spin off that will be good for itself

Redempteur2811d ago

The reason RE4 sold well is because it's a very good game .

Good games from a well-know franchise Sells ... that's a law fo the universe.

ThanatosDMC2811d ago

RE4 was awesome though. RE5 was a step or two down from that awesomeness.

captain-obvious2811d ago

they slapped the name Resident Evil in it to sell

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darkziosj2811d ago (Edited 2811d ago )

resident evil stoped been survival horror since outbreak series friend, just before re4

newhumanbreed2811d ago

Outbreak series was a survivor horror with co-op. If you ever played the game, you would see how scary that game can get especially when the other survivors die off. Play the game before you become judgmental.

tails132811d ago

While it's not the gameplay of traditional RE's, it pretending to. Nor is it RE6.

It's a spin off set in the Resident Evil universe, so it had to have the Resident Evil title.

Solidus187-SCMilk2811d ago

Re5 was OK but wasnt very much waht I wanted from a RE game.

Im skipping this garbage for sure then. Have fun with your garbage crapcom, im going to get a gamecube and play the re Remake instead. Never played that one and Ive been wanting a survival horror RE for a while. I guess I wont be missing much if I skip this.

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DaMa2811d ago

Us Horror fans can only hope for Revelations or RE6..

Wizziokid2811d ago (Edited 2811d ago )

"It's no survival horror game”

lol, soooo what your just going to use the Resident Evil name to get sales then? if it wasn't called Resident Evil no one would look twice at this crap.

it's a shame it used to one of the best franchises.

"Operation Raccoon City will appeal to many people. Not just RE fans, but also shooter fans in general."

someone wants a piece of the COD pie, next they will announce 16 player competitive MP with perks and customisable weapons.

Johandevries2811d ago

''There still are some horror elements in ORC. But Horror afterall is not the main topic of the game. Corresponding to this, hardcore fans of the series may not see it as a true Resident Evil title. Critic always happens. In terms of the entertainment value I am however confident that Operation Raccoon City will appeal to many people. Not just RE fans, but also shooter fans in general.''

LOL, probably to CoD-players

DaMa2811d ago

I was really surprised to read such a statement aswell!
Throughout the interview Kawata repeats to clarify what ORC is.

Still its set in the Resident Evil universe and if done well it could shed some more light on the backstory.

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