White Knight Chronicles II box art, logo and screens

The official North American box art, logo and screens have been released have been revealed by D3Publisher for their upcoming title, White Knight Chronicles II.

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Quagmire2811d ago (Edited 2811d ago )

2 JRPG PS3 Exclusive game for the price of one?


TBM2811d ago

I enjoyed the first one and still have the save file. So i'll be waiting for the release of the sequel.

FACTUAL evidence2811d ago

Really updset because i have the first one still and didn't get to put even 5 minutes into it...I wanted the plat, but now I'm afraid to even start it, they might turn the servers down for wkc1.

sasuke992811d ago

To date there is no jrpg on ps3 that can match Lost Odyssey or Muramasa: The Demon Blade!

TBM2811d ago

as much as i liked Lost Odyssey i found Valkyria Chronicles much better and more of a special game. to me its my favorite game this generation, and best rpg i've played this gen too.

WildArmed2810d ago

All great games.

Lost Odyssey was easily the best JRPG I've played on my 360.
But saying it has no competitor is just being ignorant.

Valkr. Chronicles alone gave LO a run for it's money.

Thou out of all the JRPGs, WKC1 is the JRPG I played the most.
800 hours <3

Looking forward to WKC2

user8586212811d ago

the fact that sony isn't publishing this game doesnt look too good

Stealth20k2811d ago (Edited 2811d ago )

how so?

the second game is better than the first in every way. Thats fact

Not sure why they didnt keep the japanese subtitles

RememberThe3572811d ago

How is that fact?

But yeah that doesn't look good. WKC must have been too much of a loss for them.

Peaceful_Jelly2811d ago (Edited 2811d ago )

it's fact cus WKC II has better graphics, faster paced combat and better online implementation. The story, plot and characters in the first game were so bland that there's is no way in hell that the sequel could do worse so overall WKCII is better. Period. On top of that both games are on the same disc anyway.

The first game did bad but it wasn't cus it was a bad game, it was because the game didn't have the name "Final Fantasy" on the box. FF is the only Jrpg that does well in the sales department outside of japan. Right now Valkyria Chronicles is the best Jrpg on the PS3 and it sold like crap and that's why its sequels are on handhelds now. =/

JAMurida2811d ago

@All above.

This explains it all:

WKC 2 is what I would consider "a true sequel". It improves on EVERY aspect the first lacked in, while still keeping what made it good.

It's sad that the game won't get much attention that other games will but that's just how JRPGs are and I won't get into that argument... I've been waiting for this game for too long and all I need to know now is when the pre-orders start.

MaideninBlack2811d ago

Sony's publishing it in Europe though. I guess that's where it sold the most next to Japan. I know I ran across alot of Russians, British, Greece and Spanish players in the first game.

WildArmed2810d ago

Yeah, I was surprised they didn't publish it in US.

Either way, I'm happy I get my most anticipated Sequel :D

Regardless of how Sony tried to screw the US version over ;)

Level 5 has my purchase day 1.
I might even pick up two so my brother and I can play together for once.

Kamikaze1352811d ago

The font used for the "II" looks ugly and stands out too much. Yep, I just complained about the boxart.

JusenkyoGuide2811d ago

i never bought the first one because i didn't have the money at the time. it paid off because now i get the first one for free with the second one.

2811d ago
jneul2811d ago

yes i cant wait for the europe version!!

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