Dragon Nest Preview- GameZone

South Korean publisher Nexon seems to have found their niche: the wildly profitable world of massively multiplayer online RPGs. However, the most interesting aspect of Nexon’s growing library is that all of these titles are free to play ... technically. Though you could enjoy any of Nexon’s games without ever spending a cent, players are encouraged to use the “cash shop” system to purchase more advanced gear and items with real world money. Basically, you have the option of grinding for a month to get that sword you want or taking the easy way out and feeding a few bucks into the machine. It’s a very interesting concept that more and more game developers are trying out, and after a brief playthrough of Nexon’s latest offering, Dragon Nest, it’s clear that the pioneers of the “freemium” genre are still in the lead.

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athmaus2807d ago

Hmmmm not to sure on this game...will wait to find more info on it first

Spenok2806d ago

This game really is looking to be a lot of fun. Cant want to get my hands on it.