GAMER-0 # 59: Anonymous...Not From The FBI!

T-Hill writes: Anonymous a hacker organization that is currently attacking Sony over the whole GeoHot lawsuit...the problem is they didn't just stop with Sony. The group has already started targeting the judge and other individuals involved in the court case. The FBI has been brought in and so has an outside company to help Sony fight Anonymous...who is going to win you be the judge.

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BlackTar1872688d ago

Didn't know they brought the FBI in but that's pretty serious.

Backtrack them the consequence will never be the same

BrunoM2688d ago

wekk from the moment that some one messes wit a federal enploe at a level of a judge things get messi ....

any who they just cant mess wit my gaming errrrr lol

HolyOrangeCows2688d ago (Edited 2688d ago )

"...who is going to win? You be the judge"
--No thanks......
"...the problem is they didn't just stop with Sony. The group has already started targeting the judge"

It's pretty low that they're attacking the judge. He's just doing his job.

GameSpawn2688d ago

The FBI would be brought in because of the verbal threat toward the judge.

Now unless anything is actually directed at the judge beyond the verbal threat, the FBI is just going to watchdog. The second they begin to go through on their threat though, the FBI will fry their ass.

You are never truly anonymous on the internet. The FBI, CIA and NSA all have ways of tracking your ass down; sometimes by means that push the terms legal and rights to their limits.

mushroomwig2688d ago

I couldn't agree more with that video!

Everything you stated was spot on, these "hackers" think they're doing us some sort of public service when WE'RE the ones who are getting hurt by their actions.

These people have seen one too maany hacker movies, the knowledge they have is pretty amateurish...considering how the only real thing they can pull of are ddos attacks.

You can blame slums like 4chan for creating these type of people.

goodfellajay2688d ago

I like hackers when it comes to my phone ..but when it comes to when I interrupt my everyday life .. to go to hell

Redempteur2688d ago

i think you're mixing up crackers and hackers ..

ChozenWoan2688d ago

Does it matter, most of the members of Anonymous involved in this attack are just script kiddies.

Redempteur2688d ago

i know about them ..but there is a difference between people who crack codes in order to achieve a goal ( good or bad ) and people looking for security holes in a network or abusing of these holes

RonaldRaygun2688d ago

"Tech-smart, but not common sense-smart."

That sums up Anonymous quite well :)

Game0N2688d ago

we need more videos like this. everybody get on your cams and start spreading your views on this ridiculous bullshit that is anon and their crooked beliefs. *starts recording*

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The story is too old to be commented.