The video games consoles will fall and be superseded by free-to-play business models

That was the suggestion from EA Easy boss Ben Cousins at GDC today, whose studio has created both Battlefield Heroes and upcoming browser-based FPS Battlefield Play4Free.

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I want to play for free but I love Sony's consoles so I'm torn...damn my head is playing tricks on

goodfellajay2806d ago

bubble for you..funny wont be as epic if its free..imo

nycrekid2806d ago

EA and Free to Play?

They don't belong in the same sentence.

Online pass. Day -1 DLC. How many adds are going to pop up in between levels? How much for the silencer?


ObnoxiousGamer2806d ago

While I love things that are free, I think I'll still be rocking the console before some "free to play you gotta buy some nonsense to make you character look cooler games".

Only free to play game I'm looking forward to is APB Reloaded.

goodfellajay2806d ago

Same here..if game like COD were free..u guess we would pay monthly ..most likely for every gun the long run free games would cost you more than 60 bucks

mygd2806d ago

I think they'll co-exist for quite a whlie. Nothing to worry about.