Capcom to officially Announce Dragon's Dogma

Last night a countdown site went live for a game titled DD by Capcom, could this be a title shown at next weeks Captivate event?

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Fallouts2784d ago

capcom... what happen to you?

ThanatosDMC2784d ago

They're going the way of SE but lucky for them a lot of people like their franchises that they're killing or choking to death.

Baka-akaB2784d ago

It better not be yet another a shooter with such a name capcom ...

Daver2784d ago

well it is rumored to be an open world with demons souls style, dont know if its true tho.

Stealth20k2784d ago

rumored by a forum user.............

monster hunter 3ds should be the second mystery title

Baka-akaB2784d ago

Cool , i'm tired of every publishers switching to tps or fps

bangoskank2784d ago

Would be awesome if it was a Breath of Fire game.

TVippy2784d ago

I dunno, I sure endlessly hope that it's the next Onimusha, but it's doubtful.
Wouldn't mind another Breath of Fire also.

lee_ten2784d ago

onimusha! well, i hope.

TheMutator2784d ago

mehhh another crap by a crap company... capcom is DEAD

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