Lethal Bunny Review: Assassin's Creed Brotherhood

When Ubisoft came out announcing their Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood, they had to make the game at least par last Assassin’s Creed ll. If they accomplished that, it would be quite a feat. The fact is, they went further than that. They made it better.

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SanMarco2810d ago

Finally. 10/10

One of my Favorites this Generation.

Solid_Snake-2810d ago

amazing game.....loved every second of it.

i would have to give it a 9/10 though due to it been a bit of an easy game and i like a challenge.

just my opinion though. 10/10 is not far off.

WildArmed2808d ago

I loved the SP of Brotherhood w/ great passion.
It's right up there w/ Red Dead Redemption in terms of Sandbox games!