Vagrant Story a "natural" choice for next PSP makeover

In an interview recently, the Ivalice Alliance (the Square Enix development team behind the legendary titles Final Fantasy Tactics (Advance), Final Fantasy XII, and Vagrant Story) had a roundtable chat, so to speak, about the future of their games, of Ivalice, and what's going to happen on the PSP. Feel free to check out the discussion about all things Ivalice, but we're only interested in one segment of the discussion -- and that's Vagrant Story.

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sfinXters3721d ago

I loved that game back then.
One of the few RPGs that I can stand.

DemiseofPandas3721d ago

Oh please oh please, come to the PSP.

Marceles3721d ago

Vagrant Story *drool drool*...I play this alot on my PSP now. I can only imagine how the remake would look

Azurite3721d ago

Have been wanting Vagrant Story for a while now, but it's too expensive and I want it in mint condition... so rather buy a remake for PSP if it comes :)

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The story is too old to be commented.