( Shift 2: Unleashed Review Rap

JeromeChance: Dropping some more lyrical wonders in another rap review, Jerome Chance takes us on a musical journey of Shift 2: Unleashed, part of the Need for Speed franchise.

Lyrics and Performance: Damon Scott

Video Editing: Chris Oliver

Produced by: Equivalent Exchange.

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JeromeChance2806d ago

Thanks. I had a few abstractions in there. Hit or miss. First Off I was actually shifting gears with the speed of my delivery. Started a little slower and picked up to the point where I was talking about the graphics. I shifted a little off beat when I was talking about the steering being inconsistent. When I said "My drawers need some rinsing" the skid played in the beat right after. I try to play around with it and have fun.

NuyoRiquena2804d ago

I thoroughly enjoyed it and again, this week, you chose to do something different. I get bored of the same game review regurgitation.

Can't wait to see what's up next week!