NGP: The Developers Speak Out

NowGamer - NGP may suffer a delay due to the earthquake and tsunami in Japan, but that hasn’t stopped the industry from waxing lyrical about Sony’s next generation handheld games console.

Here we round up all that the games industry’s great and good has had to say about the Next Generation Portable.

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Dart892757d ago (Edited 2757d ago )

Well at least now we know it won't be $599 hope they announce the official price at E3.

Edit:Out of curiosity how many of you guys are getting it day 1??

@Mezzo Well i probably didn't read the article that's why i'm stating that.

-Mezzo-2757d ago

Didn't we knew that from the day ti was announced.

goodfellajay2757d ago

i dont see the psp 2 till..xmas the soonest ..i think its more cuz the 3ds..but i can be wrong

-Mezzo-2757d ago

No problem i understand.

I am getting the day it comes out, will try my best to Pre-Order it on Amazon.

Godmars2902757d ago

I'm wondering how it'll effect the PS3 if not the PS4. Will we see console titles built from the NGP's framework, or will the PS4 be a subservient system?

Will it actually hurt the PS3?

jaredhart2757d ago

I can't imagine it hurting. PSP never hurt the Ps2 or PS3.

Consoles and portables are diff animals.

fastrez2756d ago

PSP2 does look pretty cool. I'm more taken by it than I am with 3DS.

Just seems that it has more power and neat features to expand gameplay.

Hitman07692756d ago

Definitely getting it I doubt it will affect PS3

MagicGamer2756d ago

Pre- order for me as well! It will probably offer more than they are saying now.