Neocrisis: Ragnarok Online - Monthly Subscriptions Removed

Neocrisis: Ragnarok Online has traditionally been a Monthly Subscription based game for access to game accounts; but now it will be free from Monthly Subscription with an option for a VIP Package that offers improved experience rates, monster drops, larger storage capacity and access to special NPCs and areas. Ragnarok Online offers three servers to choose from.

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jazzking20012781d ago

i will be assuming that the game was not getting a lot of revenue for it to switch its revenue srategy

Infernostew2781d ago

I'm sure it's not doing all that great with all the player-run servers out there.

Ducky2781d ago

Well, there's already a flood of private servers (which are often free and have more features) so it makes sense for them to just switch to free-to-play.

Though I thought it had become free since a long time ago.

Baka-akaB2781d ago

it did quite well despite free servers actually . but dont forget how old is the game , and the amount of competitor since .

it's a miracle it was still around commercially.

Redempteur2781d ago

i remember playing this YEARS AGO.

Good times . i think anyone who wants to try this games have better alternatives

Lirky2781d ago

i had great fun and good experience with RO when it was free2play and then they mentioned itll go pay2play thats when i lost intrest, Now its free 2 play again so ill most likely play it again instead of playing Private free servers with bad latency and lag times.