Class Action Law Suit Against EA Sports

Gamertag Radio writes: "If you purchased certain Electronic Arts brand football video games between January 1, 2005 to the present. You may be a class member."

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Simco8762806d ago

Little too crazy here. I am tempted just so I can get a $4.67 check if the lawsuit doesn't go EA's way.

But the games haven't been that bad really, so I will probably pass on this.

NCAA 05,06,07,09,10,11
Madden 07,08

spenn20102806d ago

Screw what? Madden football, the lawsuit, EA? screw what?

I say sports games have been utter shit American football wise for a while now. The only sports games iv been buying from EA is they're NCAA football,Fifa and i purchased Take Two's NBA 2K which has been terrible IMO since 2K9. I have purchased Madden as well but only to either sell it or trade it at gameslut cough cough gamestop. Sports games have become cash cows for these publishers who use the same game year in and year out only to add a few "Enhancements" All publishers and devs are guilty of this.

sickpup2806d ago

Overcharged? For what? The game still cost $60 at release and has now fallen to about nothing just like the rest of EA sports games. The only overcharging that happened was if you actually bought the game when it was released. That is more stupidity then anything. These sports games are not worth $60 and should start around $40.

radphil2806d ago (Edited 2806d ago )

Isn't that the purpose of what they're after though?

So that because of the monopoly they essentially hold on it, so you at least get more value out of the game, if any, at all?