PlayStation Network issues persist as hacker collective continues attacks

Taking to the US and EU PlayStation Forums en masse, PlayStation 3 users continue to report connectivity issues with PlayStation Network today. Starting with the declaration of attack by hacker group "Anonymous" earlier this week, PSN has been experiencing sporadic issues over the past few days -- Sony characterized the outages as "intermittent" earlier this week, and promised that "engineers are working to restore and maintain the services." As of the time of publishing, we have been unable to connect to PSN today through several staff accounts.

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mushroomwig2807d ago

I'm sure it'll blow over in a few days or so, they'll most likely get bored and attack some other company that does something they disagree with.

Dante1122807d ago

I just got off of PSN. Think it's regional?

Octo12807d ago

I believe it is. The day I read reports that Anon was planning on making attacks on Sony sites and PSN, my PS3 and the 2 others in my house have been able to get on without a hitch and as we speak I am logged on.My brother in law hasn't said a thing about having issues on PSN and he pulls all nighters on BlOps.I am in Canada and was up. The only issue I had was on the US site. It did take a while at times to get the site up and when it was up it took a while to log on. However as of yesterday I visited the US playstation site and it seem to be back to normal.

ButterBomb2807d ago

I've not had a single issue with PSN ever since these hackers got busy. The only thing I've seen effected was the site.

Seems regional to me as well.

TotalPS3Fanboy2806d ago

What issues? PSN is still up, dandy and working fine.

MrBeatdown2807d ago (Edited 2807d ago )

They'll eventually find something else to get wound up about. Just wait until they discover that GameStop sells opened games as new or that the cheeseburgers in the Burger King commercials don't look as good in real life. They are gonna be maaaaaaaaaaaaad.

longcat2807d ago

they have the attention span of a squirrel on crack

One more week - tops

spenn20102807d ago

Bubbles lol both are so very truth as well.

I hate no lifer nerds who hide behind computer and destroy or manipulate intellectual property and keep people from enjoy the tech they worked hard to pay for and enjoy. I would honestly assault an individual who admitted to me that they were a hacker. Computer nerds and hackers are anti social and sociopaths. Their whole purpose in life to prove they break a silly code they didn't create and cause problems for hard working and honest individuals who believe in capitalism by creating software services etc. I hope the FBI which will go international catches up with little dick geeks and prosecutes them .

TBM2807d ago

mine is working like normal havent had any problems since douche bag started his so called war with sony.

Ghoul2806d ago

you wont bring down the psn with childish ddos attacks, sorry these hackers are some stupid childs that want to play god.

but in the end its just attention grabbing, it will end in a nice fine or maybe even worse. Nice way to destroy your future.

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Ace_19752807d ago (Edited 2807d ago )

Reason I've switched back to buying games on Xbox 360 is because of all this hacking bullshit on PS3. I don't need people hacking stuff like Battlefield 3 as soon as it goes up on PSN network. When I heard that COD4 was unplayable on PSN because of hackers that was enough for me. PS3 is going to be hacked to death. Xbox 360 is the way to go if you want to play games online on consoles. They police it better because you pay for it

lol at all the disagrees, it's a known fact that Xbox live is better than PSN, it's why people buy more games like COD and Crysis on Xbox 360. PSN is garbage, it's a hackers delight. People should dump PS3 if they want to play games online, or better yet, DON'T BUY ONE. It will be targeted by hackers until PS34 is released and you probably won't even be able to play Battlefield 3 on it. It's not up to the job when you've got hackers downloading your credit card details all day long from your PS3

Max Power2807d ago

Hahaha, I am sorry but that is pretty funny.

Dart892807d ago (Edited 2807d ago )

Tell me ace what games does xbox have to play other than gears and halo?Cuz i have an xbox360 and right now it's collecting dust cuz no games interest me on it??

@Darx the only game i have on my 360 is dark sector other than that all my games go to my ps3.

@Ace well then i guess if psn is garbage i like it not only does it give me free online but i can use the internet without having to subscribe to some pos that charges $60.

And how the hell will the PS34 not be able to play BF3 if you haven't noticed all of sony's system's are backwards compatible except for the pspgo but that's different cuz i'm talking about home console's.

Oh and tell microsoft to get some more developer's i don't think anyone would want to look like this playing a game xDDD.

darx2807d ago

There are plenty but if you are talking exclusives then there aren't that many.

Krimson-Rage2807d ago (Edited 2807d ago )

"This commercial presentation was brought to you by ACE_1975 on behalf of Microsoft"

EDIT: "And this edit proves that I never had a PS3 to 'switch back from'" signed ACE_1975

Acquiescence2807d ago

I remember that shitty movie. God, have hackers ever been affiliated with anything good at all?!

SeanScythe2807d ago

BREAKING NEWS! *dum dum dum* This just in! False alarm it's working now, looks like someone unplugged the router in their parents house and now it's working.

Seriously how many post do we need to report the same thing?

JeepGamer2807d ago

I haven't had any problem connecting at any time except for briefly on the first day they started this nonsense.

If they this is what Anon calls a 'success' then perhaps calling them a joke is giving them WAY too much credit.

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