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I’ve always been a socialist, my whole family has. My family motto is “Crescit sub pondere virtus” which translates to “Virtue thrives under oppression”. Two of my grandparents flirted with joining the Communist party in the late 1940s when Britain stood between two emerging superpowers with differing ideologies. In the end they joined the Labour movement instead, which was almost the same for a while.

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jriquelme_paraguay2806d ago

Anonymous are fags, Keyboard Warriors

-End of Line-

xAlmostPro2806d ago

Awesome read!

However i dont agree that a few days psn disruption is worth it, i mean how will it end?.. either gehotz will be taken down or he wont.. if he is taken down. Anon will still be hacking.. and when will they stop? what is it that they want?..

If he doesn't go down, he'll most likely continue hacking ps3, which in term will keep disrupting PSN via things such as cheats.. not only that but he'll hack more aggressively after all sony have put on him..

plus anon still have the arguement they';re currently using.. and again what is it they want?

They say they want this and that.. but if sony said "ok.. enoughs enough, we'll drop the court cases.. and you guys can run homebrw" will either of them say "ok, finally" and drop it? no they wont.

Even if sony did that then they would still allow piracy..

Which is why it's probably right that geohot is prosecuted for what he done and then sony get rid of all the ip addresses they have..

badz1492806d ago

SCUMBAGS! I don't call Sony as saint or god as they are nothing but corporation that provides me with entertainment I can purchase but someone who mess up with my thing even when I don't know them is SCUMBAG is my book. in this case, TERRORIST also suits them well!

xtremegamerage2806d ago

Were those superpowers, ireland and scotland. I'm confused:)

My mistake, france and italy.


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The group (or groups) behind these attacks believe they’re fighting for something that’s right on a basic, human level and I can respect that conviction in a compassionate ideology. I can respect their desire to instigate change, even if I don’t condone the way they go about it. Although, I also believe that there comes a time when protest is essential to instigating change.
----------------------------- -------------------------

Change always ends in violence. No other way around it. If not wanted by both parties.

Deplomacy is always fragile, as are people.

People always have different idea's of what's right and what's wrong.

Is it wrong to kill, if the person to be killed is a murderer himself?

Is it wrong to steal, even if what you are stealing costs little.

Are Sony really the bad guys here, i don't think so.

Worst thing UK ever did was put labour into power.

Game0N2806d ago

wow so now people are siding with these assholes? am i the only sane person left that doesn't get this so-called "injustice" annon is rambling about?

dinkeldinkse2806d ago (Edited 2806d ago )

Anonymous's reasoning makes absolutly no sense to me.

I also don't get why the author in the article mentions he is a socialist.

b_one2806d ago (Edited 2806d ago )

Yeah its nice to be a socialist when u live in UK, Eastern Europe awaits - dig deeper for a true experiences of socialism...

WithMyLastBreath2806d ago

The article was a good read but I don't agree with the way anonymous is going about their business. Standing up for what you believe in is one thing, attacking others' family members and judges is an entirely different thing. By all means protest, I mean it is an inalienable right after all, it's just that I feel their actions and beliefs about "change" are so off-base with reality. They seem to believe that that it is Sony's fault that they have to attack and we will ultimately be the ones to suffer.

If you want to protest there is a sure-fire way to do it, don't buy the product. Without capital a company is NOTHING. Sick of Activision? Convince everyone you know NOT to buy the product. A company's lifeblood IS money.

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