Fun or Work? The perils of tying collectibles to achievements

Is challenging an obsessive group of fans to gather hundreds of nondescript collectibles gameplay or work?

Gungnir1849d ago

It feels more like work sometimes, but once I start, I usually feel compelled to see it to completion.

Solid_Snake-1849d ago

batman arkham asylum: riddlers challenges/fable 2 gargoils/fable 3 gnomes were never a chore as i really enjoyed collecting them.
some games are work but most arnt.

jriquelme_paraguay1849d ago

i think is the stupidiest thing in the world...

Quagmire1848d ago

no, the word "stupidiest" is...

YodaCracker1849d ago (Edited 1849d ago )

Some are fun like Crackdown's 500 agility orbs but others are downright ridiculous, like Mafia II's 159 wanted posters. If you have to collect that many things, you should at the very least get some kind of reward for it, other than a stinking achievement/trophy. In Crackdown, you are essentially leveling yourself up with every orb.

Active Reload1849d ago

If it's based on

BlackTar1871849d ago

Crackdown 2 got really tiresome for me on collecting orbs. The 1st i loved it.

YodaCracker1849d ago (Edited 1849d ago )

Crackdown 2 actually made it a little easier to collect the orbs. The map was split up into districts and you could see how many orbs you still needed in each area. It also marked the location of every orb that you had already collected, so it was much easier to use a cheat map to find the ones you were missing.

I can still remember in the first Crackdown when I found my 500th orb. I'd had 499 for days and it was so satisfying when I spotted that green glow in the distance. And I did not use a guide for that either, so it was a much bigger accomplishment for me. It's a shame that Crackdown 2 was such a big letdown from the first game.

BlackTar1871849d ago (Edited 1849d ago )

Yea crackdown 2 was a huge let down. I don't remember if i got 1000 points on crackdown 1 or not. I agree with it being easier for the 2nd one but the game was not as fun so maybe that's it it was a task for me compared to part of the great experience part 1 was.

bwazy1849d ago

I used to think I was the shit when I platinumed a trophy/ 1k/1k gamerscore... Then I realized how time consuming and pointless it truely was. Even if they gave rewards it absolutely means NOTHING.

FunAndGun1849d ago

Some could argue that playing games in general is a waste of time and means absolutely NOTHING.