Brink: 720P Screens Show In Game Action

8 brand new screens from Brink which show in game action

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cyborg2808d ago (Edited 2808d ago )

looks ok at most, but it might be interesting to see since it's inspired from tf2

maawdawg2808d ago (Edited 2808d ago )

The "inspired by TF2" thing is far from accurate. Splash Damage's Enemy Territory games have been using this playstyle and mechanics since before TF2 (or Killzone, which is the other major comparison) even existed. Wolfenstein Enemy Territory came out in 2003, TF2 in 2007, Killzone series started in 2004.

Yes, they are all team shooters and have some similar mechanics but SD is hardly getting "inspired by" or "copying" the games that used many elements SD pioneered initially.

thrasherv32808d ago

Class based multiplayer games(including the Team Fortress series) have been around since the 90's, so I'm not sure what they have "pioneered" in that department.

maawdawg2807d ago (Edited 2807d ago )

Being the first to add an XP and leveling system to shooters and having class based selectable upgrades are probably the most notable things they did first, but there are a bunch that other devs have since latched onto (and copied incessantly).

Here is some reading that outlines many things that SD added to games and when they did it, for comparison.


I don't expect Brink to be any different in bringing innovation to the genre, the way it changes the lobby system and the SMART system are both things that will probably get latched onto and used as elements to attempt to clone in future FPS games.

Overmind4202808d ago

It seems like more and more mediocre offerings are being developed for the FPS genre everyday.

antz11042802d ago

Wow you really know nothing about this game, do you?

crystalnova20042808d ago

Graphics aren't much to shout home about. Mind you, if the gameplay is fun then all can be forgiven.

paintsville2808d ago

This should be a fun game but it, no ANY other game, can touch the beauty of Crysis 2, well at least on 360 and pc anyway.

Ghoul2808d ago

graphics graphics graphics.....

i pick great mp gameplay over cutting edge graphics any day.

teamfortress 2 for example has a great style but definatly not latest tech graphics but still its one incredible enjoyable mp game.

Fishy Fingers2808d ago

Fair point, but what exactly can you judge from screenshots other than visuals.

Ghoul2807d ago

actually a lot.

We all game for many many years.
i can judge from ingame screens at least, what gamedesign intention they had, complexity in leveldesign, overall style (not graphics), amount of players (mp or enemys in sp).

What i want to say is that it doesnt matter how technologicly advanced a game is, all that matters is style when judging screen visuals.

I know sooo many games that are state of the art tech but in the end look totally random or incosistent. Thats why i brought up TF2 for example.

The game uses its style to compensate the "old" engine.

Most games really offer shitloads of background information about the game (dev interviews are common, tons of info over the production span) but in the end most people ignore it and only judge the game by its latest screenshots.

therapist2808d ago

and those screens look not so nice, obviously this is console pics, the pc version will look excellent

much like bulletstorm looked like utter crap on console, but freaking sexy as hell on pc