TGV: Pokémon Tower Defense: New spin on an old favorite

I always like finding new and interesting games, but I think that Pokémon Tower Defense takes the cake today.

Following the story of either Red or Blue, this new Tower Defense game sees you naming your character, picking a starter from either Charmander, Bulbasaur or Squirtle and then questing to stop Team Rocket from stealing all the Rare Candy. During the course of the game, you can deplete the HP of wild Pokémon and capture them to add them to your team, with new captures used as new towers.

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Karuto2812d ago

This and the new Pokedex app for iOS keeps my inner child satisfied.

Sidology2812d ago

Pokédroid for Android is awesome as well. The dev just added Black/White and it's excellent.

Spenok2811d ago

I agree, I found this on android and it was pretty sweet.

Sidology2811d ago

You were one of the fast ones, then, because Nintendo had it removed from the Android Marketplace damnably fast.

Spenok2809d ago

Really? Damn, I had to master reset my phone and haven't re downloaded it yet, damn!