Capcom jokes about Resident Evil 6, confirms Resident Evil Revelations as being horror-based

Rely on Horror: "Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City’s producer Masachika Kawata, while speaking to GamePro Germany, had this to say when asked directly if Resident Evil 6 will include more horror."

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crimsonfox2784d ago

Resident Evil?... horror based?...

RedDead2784d ago

This one sure seems to be. Honestly.

TheCagyDies2784d ago

Revelations is classic RE stuff; exploration, horror, and puzzles.

Der_Kommandant2784d ago (Edited 2784d ago )

Capcom doesn't deserve my money

Perjoss2784d ago (Edited 2784d ago )

I guess you're entitled to an opinion and I'm in no position to say you're wrong, and yes they have been responsible for a few greedy DLC choices. But just a little reminder that Capcom is responsible for the following franchises:

Street Fighter
Marvel vs Capcom
Monster Hunter
Devil May Cry
Dead Rising
Mega Man
Lost Planet
Tatsunoko vs. Capcom
Ace Attorney
Zack & Wiki (srsly underrted)
and of course Resident Evil

Personally I love Capcom.

edit: I seem to have forgotten Powerstone (and probably a few others)

sasuke992784d ago

God,I hope there is no western dev involved

Dart892784d ago

You mean "Damn western developer's stay away from my Resident Evil"lol.

Scyrus2784d ago

i luv me some RE!

cant wait for that new CGI movie with leon in it and hope they make a good spin off with RE5 style coop. or an HD Mercenaries game.

and ofcourse make it more horror for the people who get scared ffrom games.

not lookin forward to Socom:Resident evil

Lamarthedancer2784d ago

"spin off with RE5 style coop"

I think we'd rather see Capcom focus on RE6 WITHOUT any co-op

I think thats why the "SOCOM:Resident evil" was made. For the people who actually liked Co-Op/Multiplayer in RE5

Scyrus2784d ago

um, maybe ur reading to far into things, i said i'd like one, not NOW, i just wud like one. not that socom crap. does that look like RE5 coop? NO, does it look like socom with zombies? yes!1!

just has RE characters and name, not gameplay.

man u gotta learn to read whats on the screen not what u wanna read. i want horror focused RE6 too ofcourse, that shud be first on the list. i just want another RE5 style game with same gameplay but built up.

Gen0ne2784d ago (Edited 2784d ago )

Hey Capcom, as a really good reference, Dead Space 1 or 2. In case you're wondering how it's done.

Kos-Mos2784d ago

And what game set the standard for horror games back in the 90`s?
Childish comments like yours shouldn`t be allowed to the mainstream.

Gen0ne2784d ago (Edited 2784d ago )

Calm down dude. The original RE ranks among my personal greatest and that Capcom has turned it a Michael Bay adaptation does not sit well with me. Excuse me for wanting Capcom to go back to their roots and do both their franchise and it's fans, that allowed it to become a franchise in the1st place, a little justice. RE5 was alot of fun, which was it's problem. What's an RE game doing being fun? And yeah, Dead Space does it right. Sorry.

Edit: And as a recent reference of the benefits of going back to their roots: Mortal Kombat anyone? They strayed too far and now their back. Time for Capcom to react in kind.

tigertron2784d ago

Megatron has a point, the Dead Space games have been the new Resident Evil this gen, because RE5 isn't exactly horror, is it?

I didn't mind the co-op in RE5, infact, I enjoyed it. What did bother me (as I said in another article) is the way Capcom just copied animations and sounds etc, from RE4. That isn't acceptable, and hardly anyone wanted Las Plagas to return. They were a great refreshing break in RE4, but the enemies shown in the original RE5 teaser in 2005, made us assume they were zombies. Sprinting 28 days later zombies. If Capcom actually focused on what its fanbase wanted, we would have actually have had a better-scary game.

Is it fair to say the DS franchise is a good reference? yes. Obviously, in the 90s, and even the early 00s with RE:Make, Resident Evil was king in the horror department. Now however, Capcom seem to be more focused on "survival action", rather than "survival horror", and even "action horror".

BaYo1822784d ago (Edited 2784d ago )

Silent Hill? :D ha .....damn, the 90's i miss you so very much.. anyways i just got Parasite Eve out of PSN and holy shit AWESOMNESS.. jezz games where actually good back then.. the RE games, the Parasite Eve Games( i have the original PE2 game) silent hill, FF8 yes FF8 u read it right i love that game.. Xenogears CrashBandicoot, Crono Cross, METAL GEAR SOLID... damn i can just go on and on.. WOW i just had to get that out my [email protected] Megratron D.. dude RE5 is a lot of fun. its a really good Co-op game that u can sit with a friend or play online.. I THINK ,it would have been better if they made this game a spin of instead of a main game. people wouldn't complain as much. just my 2 cents actually make that a penny.. im saving for games haha ha

Damn as i was getting all that out of my chest Pirate thom beat me to it kudos man.. and tigertron u too..

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Tdmd2784d ago (Edited 2784d ago )

Couldn't agree more! Change the makeup and you'll see that Viceral delivered the Resident Evil game that Capcom should have done. While they forgot what made that franchise so appealing, Viceral remembered it, improved it and turned it into something even better. Disagree all you want, but Capom lost its way.

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