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If you're looking for the most realistic racing simulation currently available then there's really only one place to go - Make no mistake; this is no console racer - iRacing is a full-blown simulation, using laser-scanned tracks and cars with the most intricate and detailed physics models ever used in a racing sim. If this all seems a little daunting, don't worry - read on and get ready to race!

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evrfighter2812d ago

The gran turismo fans will avoid this article like the plague.

Then go on as if gt5 is the most realistic racer to date.

aaaaaaaaa2812d ago

Yep and almost all console owners will drop dead of shock when they work out how much you have to spend on setting everything up to play this game at its best, I think most PC owners will be shocked as well.

simulationworld2812d ago

You can play it with most modern PCs that were built within the past three years without too many problems - you'll just have to turn off a lot of the eye candy.

However, yes, to get the most out of the Sim you'll need to spend some cash. The good news is that if you have a wheel for your PS3, you can use it on your PC too.

aaaaaaaaa2811d ago

I should of put at the end but it's well worth every pound. I will be back on there with all eye candy and eyefinity when i've built my cockpit
Racing in this sim is by far the best to date nothing out there can come close.

Zedux2811d ago

Yep, we need to post comments and tell guys it is a lie. I run iRacing on my 4years old laptop with Radeon x1700, 2x2 Dual Core Celeron proc and 2 gb RAM.

simulationworld2811d ago

Yup - it's absolutely worth it. Nothing, NOTHING comes close it it right now.

Heavyweapon2811d ago

When I touched it for the first time - I could not leave it anymore. Every other racing sim seemed like a bad memory and time wasting.

mrtrent2810d ago

Best racing sim out there. If you want to really learn how to race, iracing is the only thing out there.