Why is Homefront's Campaign so awful?

Sarcastic Gamer examines the awful Homefront campaign to pinpoint where it went wrong.

From the article: "Homefront was a game I had eagerly anticipated since 2009. I really had heard nothing but good things about the game. Frontlines: Fuel of War and a well made mod of Battlefield 1942, called Desert Strike, were two of KAOS Studios previous shooters. Both were well received and I thought that the Frontlines single player was fairly fun, although it was overshadowed by the multiplayer. In any event, I had high hopes for Homefront. After playing through the single player, I think that “awful” may be an understatement.

How bad is this game? Lets pile on, after the jump."

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BeaArthur2479d ago

Because they knew MP is what sells that type of game to the majority of players so they focused on that.

thrasherv32479d ago

I honestly could not tell they focused on multiplayer...

kuge4562479d ago

How bad?
MS likes it,Some reviewers give it 8 even 8.5
It should be good.

but both of us know it's overrated.

StupidDude2479d ago

while, it's an awful game, and i actually agree with every point brought up in the article...

this piece was very poorly written, sorry to say.

Cajun Chicken2479d ago

Because it's short. It's not actually awful.

ceedubya92479d ago

I have yet to finish it, but my time with it has not been bad at all.

aaronobst2479d ago

I thoroughly enjoyed the campaign... All 4 hours of it

pr0digyZA2479d ago

I really enjoyed the multiplayer. The single player was definitely its down fall. To me it just felt strange like it was... how do I say this- uh cheap. The single player didn't have the best quality, It definitely has potential but they need to do something that separates it from the crowd.

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The story is too old to be commented.