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Frustrated Fury Writes: Two years ago, we got our hands on Need for Speed’s take on “simulation” racing. It was a decent go for its first try. Now, we finally get the sequel to the arcade/simulation hybrid in the form of Shift 2: Unleashed.

I was a fan of Shift 1. It was a different feeling game that tried its best to balance an arcade feel while still keeping the simulation aspects intact. It accomplished what it set out to do, for the most part. Shift 2 does the same with a few new upgrades and, unfortunately, some downgrades.

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trancefreak2782d ago

I don't know why I keep buying need for speed games. I got this on my pc and I just cant get into it. I just lacks something I cant describe.

Im kinda tired of gt5 so I wanted something new I guess. Ill give another try but dont think it will last long.