Xbox 360 4GB SKU in top five amid $50 Bonus Deal

Microsoft Corp.'s Xbox 360 4GB SKU ranked in the top five sales at Inc. this week amid a new $50 Bonus credit purchase of the SKU.

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Christopher2757d ago

If you don't own one but are looking for one, this would be an extremely hard deal to pass up. Especially with the also recent news of $55 250GB HDDs. You are essentially then paying only $204 for what you normally would pay $299.

B1663r2757d ago (Edited 2757d ago )

Edit: Oh nevermind...

Edit again...

The stand alone Kinect uses a power dongle, the included Kinect, plugs right into the special plug on the slim for the Kinect...

Christopher2757d ago

Actually, it's all the same now. If you just want Kinect, get the 4GB model. If you want Kinect and a bigger HDD, get the Kinect 4GB model and buy the HDD. If you just want a 360 w/HDD, buy 4GB and the HDD.

$300 -- Kinect + 4GB 360
$300 -- 250GB 360
$200 -- 4GB 360

$355 -- Kinect + 4GB 360 + 250GB HDD
$205 -- 4GB 360 + 250GB HDD
$450 -- 250 GB 360 + Kinect separately

So, essentially, the $299 250GB bundle is the wrong way to go right now, no matter what you want.

Dlacy13g2757d ago

Even if the Hard drive is $83.99 like its listend now...essentially your are getting the 250 GB HDD at $44. So $250 for what is normally $300...still a great deal.

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wray772757d ago

For your family and friends I mean! Not because they break silly rabbits.