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What do you get when you mix an undead samurai dishwasher with a cyborg vampire ninja? Well if you ask the founder, James Silva of the one man game studio Ska Studios, he would undoubtedly say, “buckets and buckets of blood!” The Dishwasher: Vampire Smile is truly a raging spectacle of speed, vengeance, metal music, nightmares and bullets.

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TheHip142807d ago

better than the original for sure

TheHip142807d ago

what did you guys think?

Doctorofreality2807d ago

Not so sure, lots of games bought alreadyl. have to be realistic about money . lol portal 2 next.

4logpc2807d ago

I never got into the first game..but I wanna try this one

Ryan_at_WGTC2807d ago

I love it. Black Ops is one of the best shooters out there and this just makes it that much better.

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