Anonymous: PSN Terrorists

IPC says: "As you can see, problems are arising across the board – all because Anonymous have a delusional view on what is right and just – they are using their power to cause suffering, loss of money and preventing people from accessing services. They are terrorising Sony and its users for no good reason, personally I hope they are found and dealt with."

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ipconflict2807d ago

Best quote: "...great anonymous you are preventing the cure of cancer globally!"

hay2807d ago (Edited 2807d ago )

That's a good one, true.
While all the hate towards them is a bit exaggerated, it's well deserved. They're just making things worse. Just like angry kids.

MysticStrummer2807d ago

Nothing they're doing is having any effect except to prove Sony's case for them, except of course for the people who cheer on Anonymous simply because they are against Sony.

jukins2807d ago

yep with these hackers malicious or for amusement just makes the case for these corps and govts to clamp down the consumer.

Derekvinyard132807d ago

psn terrorists is about all they are, everything else they have done is for the greater good!!

extermin8or2807d ago

see they have done some good things but equally they have also done some bad things that really haven't been justified or just seem stupid :/; this is one of the latter, but i think its primarily down to them not having a leader and anyone being able to join/plan atacks provided enough agree :/

Focker4202807d ago

I finally got onto the PSN, I wont be signing out all day.

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The story is too old to be commented.