Resistance graphic comparison

The comparison is automatic: what has changed in the Resistance series since the release of the first chapter now, we're the third? In 5 years the differences are clearly visible: Resistance Fall of Man and Resistance 3 technologies seem to have dozens of years of difference, not so much the fault of the graphics are not perfect in the first chapter, as to the extraordinary beauty of the graphics of the third chapter.

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50Terabytespersec2810d ago (Edited 2810d ago )

Having done cartooney games in the past,,Im not expecting much from Insomniac ,but I will give you this they have there moments like the Chicago level and their models are amazingly detailed....I hope the tech colaboration involves certain teams such as Sony Santa Monica or Guerilla Games ??
Weve seen what they are capable of but can their tech be Godly???=)))
This baby is going up against Gears of War 3 .Id say Sony should throw Santa monica at them and Gureilla Games and have a tech exchange, and give Unreal 3 engine run for it's money!!!!(hands down Uncharted 3 will do so but what of R3!!