THQ Reveal Red Faction: Armageddon Special Edition

THQ has revealed, a special edition version of Red Faction: Armageddon, offering a number of in-game bonuses. Entitled the Red Faction: Armageddon Commando & Recon pack, the special edition release will be arriving alongside the standard edition of the game this June.

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Jestrella242509d ago

hmm what is up with all these special edition lately, seems like every game deserves one now.

banjadude2509d ago

It's part of the trend, just like DLC, etc. Of course, both are being abused, IMO.

I don't mind special editions, but give us something WORTH paying the premium for (and I don't mean, oh, if you order it, we'll give you 3 "exclusive" weapons and/or a map).

Quagmire2509d ago

I remember back in the days when "special" actually meant the word.

omi25p2509d ago

i hate the new red factions, The original 2 were the best