Ignoring the Call of Duty: Taking Up Arms on an Alternative Battlefield

Alex Hilhorst writes, "As the videogame marketplace becomes more and more inundated with first person shooters, so too does the competition for dominance of the genre increase in intensity. Though there are a variety of subgenres that span everything from sci-fi (Halo) to survival horror (F.E.A.R.), right now the true breadwinner is the military shooter, as the most recent entry in the Call of Duty franchise, Black Ops, is currently the reigning champion in overall videogame sales (13.7 million copies sold in the U.S. alone). Electronic Arts, once ruler of the military FPS, has more or less declared war on Activision, first by heavily marketing last year’s Battlefield: Bad Company 2 and then by rebooting the Medal of Honor franchise and propelling it into modern day Afghanistan."

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MysticStrummer2807d ago

I abandoned Call of Duty after World at War and I've never had any regrets.

BrunoM2807d ago

Don't get me wrong ..

First call of duty after 4 just stay more or less the same ..
In the gamer point of view is bad from the Dev is good for them ( don't fuk up what's selling )

I won't lie and I do have black ops I do play it here and there and why ? The sher number of players online and like it or not even if looks more or less the same as cod4 ( let's call it dlc from 4 ) it's fun if u just want to pick up a run and gun game is fun taking the lil girl voice kids is a fun game ..

But I think after next call of duty ( maybe already to late for the next ) they will get a new engine for the game because like it or not the new battlefill3 look great and even games like homegront got some nice looks .. ( I know I left killzone out but that only due to me being talking about mass selling games )

Even tho u can find me on killzone alot

It's time for slot of devs go just stik wit the it sells let's leave it to take a page from some other devs look uncharted killzone lbp gt forza good of war gear of war what they do they try to push what they can ...

captain-obvious2807d ago (Edited 2807d ago )

my very first CoD was black ops
I've always been a BF guy myself
and while its dose have its fun factor
its not as good as BF games, its just not
the kill streaks and all do feel fun for the first month of you playing the game but after that it gets boring really fast
BF is much more better in alot of ways and shapes
in BF games you actually have to use your mind and team play to actually do something worthy and in most cases you have to "craft" your own heroic story since there is much MUCH MUUUUCH more options in BF
like the huge maps the vehicles and the destruction which on it self a huge fun and dynamic/game changing factor

in Cod
its pretty much like this
here is your guns
here is the map with the same chokes and static form
those are the bad guys
shoot them and you win
and 99% of CoD is predictable with 0 dynamics
and you dont have much options other that your load outs which in most cases you find ppl abuse the use of perks and loadouts

so CoD is not the kind of a game that i see my self buying it again and again and again

so to me
black ops is pretty much the last CoD for at least 4 or 5 years

and hopefully by that time they'll have something new

ATiElite2807d ago

I changed my number after Call of Duty Modern Warfare. Battlefield has always been my favorite. The huge maps, vehicles, and strategy just make it so much better.

bumnut2807d ago

I stopped playing cod after World at War, they killed the pc versions of cod when they limited the player count to that of the consoles.

Why did they reduce it from 50+ to 6 vs 6 and charge us more?

waterboy2807d ago

i played battlefield bad company 2 1 time and didnt want to play it again and i play black ops all day bet theres not as many people on any battlefield game combined as cod black ops

Goatfish2807d ago

so your basically saying you play black ops because more people play it as opposed to quality ?

ATiElite2806d ago (Edited 2806d ago )

after playing BC2 1 time how could this person possibly know how many people are playing:
BF 1942
BF Vietnam
BF 2
BF 2142
BC2 Vietnam
BF Heroes
Battlefield play 4 Free
when they are a console only gamer anyway.

Goatfish2807d ago

"PC players will be able to play massive online games of 64 players, while console owners will get to enjoy none-too-shabby 32 player matches."

ok so is it 32 or 24 player matches for console ?

Hitman11872807d ago

32 would be REALLY nice. If it does end up being limited to 24 players max, I won't complain. The game just looks amazing! Can't freaking wait for November!!!

Goatfish2807d ago

i agree with everything mentioned in your comment.