Toshiba: "PS3 chip too hot for tellies"

RegHardware: If you're wondering why Toshiba has been rather quiet about the Cell processor of late - last year it was very keen to tell World+Dog it would be putting the PlayStation 3 chip into high-end sets - it's because it has realised it can't put the thing into televisions

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Tommykrem2806d ago

Shame, but the Cevo Engine sounds interesting enough :)

Maddens Raiders2806d ago

not a shame. the telly is bundled with a CELLbased toaster which produces pre-buttered toast & pops up a greatest hit every 50th slice. that's definitely not a shame.

MaxXAttaxX2805d ago

Imagine if they based it on the 360 chip.
Instant incineration!

Persistantthug2806d ago

1st generation Cell Processors aren't adequate enough to run in as many devices as first thought, so what happens?

Someone builds another Cell BASED Chip....not the Cell, but again, Cell BASED.
So now, instead of just 1 commercial Cell based chip for consumer there's 2.

What does this mean? Effectively, it means CELL PROCESSOR technology and 'DNA' is spreading......basically.

50Terabytespersec2805d ago

And what exactly made them to figure this one out??

B1663r2806d ago

Way back in the age of Pentium 3, I made a liquid cooled computer that worked on the thermostatic pump principal, using glycol + water as the coolant.

IMO it worked better than several DIY active pump systems Ive seen since then.

Also, it was a pretty easy mod, and I still wonder why the cooling companies have not built a standard cooler based on the principal...

That computer worked for better than 7 years with the only moving part being a hard drive...

koehler832806d ago

I wonder which version of the chip they're referring to. The original 90nm? Or the 65 or 40nm revisions since?

ASSASSYN 36o2806d ago

Why would it matter? Regardless which die is used a fan or cooling method is needed.

koehler832806d ago (Edited 2806d ago )

It's true, but that's likely the case for their own version too. But more recent versions would have better power management and do run cooler.

And whether it matters or not, I'm curious.

Theonik2806d ago

Their version is either 90 or 65nm. IIRC Either way it doesn't matter much.

Kyur4ThePain2806d ago

I'm too sexy for your TV, too sexy for your TV, too me.

EVO-OM3GA2806d ago

Forgive me but didnt Sony say they were gonna be making cell powered TVs?

Arnon2806d ago

They stated that the Cell was going to be used for multiple devices, and to be perfectly honest, they scrapped them all due to stupid costs and it already being outdated compared to chips that Intel and AMD are producing.

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The story is too old to be commented.