Tales of Vesperia Hits Xbox 360 Games on Demand

Namco Bandai Games Europe today announced the launch of Tales of Vesperia on Xbox LIVE Games On Demand for Xbox 360, the first time ever a game in the revered Tales role-playing series has been available on the service in Europe. Since its European launch on Xbox 360 in summer 2009, Tales of Vesperia has garnered widespread critical and fan acclaim.

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Cloudberry2807d ago


If I'm not mistaken, this is the 4th related Tales English game news from Bandai Namco Games ever since the first (the announcement of "Graces f" in English).

Bandai Namco Games sure took their time for divulging further "Graces f" / other Tales games news......... : /

The platform, the voice actors, the release date, etc.

nilamo2807d ago

This game is impossible to find in retail here in Europe. So this is good news, I still prefer to have a hard copy but I guess this is a good alternative.

SuperSaiyan42807d ago

theres hard copies on there...

nilamo2807d ago

yeah for 80-100 euros lol

Scyrus2807d ago

I gave my fiance a sealed collectors edition of this game when it released. got it for free. she never even opened it, not cause shes a collector but beccause shes to lazy to unhook her ps3 to play her 360 lol

Scyrus2807d ago

how can u disagree with that? lol. just sayin what happened.

its a good thing tho because i already have another open collectors also that i played so hers is a good backup that we can sell!

montyburns0002807d ago

great RPG, too bad you missed out on on the PS3 version

TheMutator2807d ago

im still waiting the ps3 version , anyway i have the xbox version but feels rushed

militant072807d ago

It doesn't feel rushed at all!!!

it has been more thant 2 years and a half since the release of 360 version and more than 1 year and a half since the ps3 jap release

Dread2807d ago (Edited 2807d ago )

yea it was much better to wait for more than a year to get your sony playstation port in japan.

much better. You sony kids are so lucky. I had such a horrible time playing the game in my 360 more than a year before it was ported. I wish I was lucky enough like all you sony fanboys who have to wait for their ports and play it then . I know it would have been much more fun to wait for so long.

initial_kay2807d ago

ok we get it.. ur a xbox fnboy....sheesh.

BK-2012807d ago

At least we get like 3 exclusive tales games now.

montyburns0002807d ago

"At least we get like 3 exclusive tales games now."

unless we have both systems...

lol. see, we can act like little sniveling brats too.

Dread2807d ago


I own both systems and I do not suck any company's dingdong. I am a gamer first.
However, I cannot stand stupid fanboys and will call them out everytime, just like I did here

I know I was being sarcastic and critical of his statement but he deserved it.


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LiamIRL822807d ago

This is definitely the rarest 360 game here in Europe. It goes for a small fortune on Ebay & Amazon. A lot of euro gamers will be happy about this.

GameOn2807d ago

I'm not sure how I feel about it. On one hand it will get more people to play this brilliant game, but on the other, I don't see it having a positive effect on the value of my sealed copy. Oh well, I guess it wall always have sentimental value.

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