TGV: Hexic HD finally free to download from Xbox LIVE

Usually coming as a pre-installed game on game on all new Xbox 360 systems, Hexic HD is FINALLY free to download to all first/second/third/fourth/fift h-hand systems.

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guigsy2807d ago

Nice, but doesn't this game come free with every 360 with a HDD anyway?

m232807d ago

A lot of people have accidentally deleted it, and they had to call Microsoft to get the game back. This makes it a lot easier for those people.

Sidology2807d ago

It does, but if you ever buy a 360 second-hand, chances are that that person has reformatted their harddrive to erase all their personal data before trading it in or selling it.

In that case, it's easier to format the drive and call it good than to individually delete items of data.

Wikkid6662807d ago

This is cool... I formatted my HDD once and lost it. So people in the same situation can get it.

ChronoJoe2807d ago

Pretty good puzzle game too.

Negadeth2807d ago

It's not bad, but Puzzle Quest is better!

kasasensei2807d ago

Boring game. Not entertaining at all. But my girlfriend loves it so...^^