The 3rd Birthday Review (GPT)

Review: "Oh where, oh where has my Parasite Eve been? It seems like forever since I last threw a disc with Parasite Eve plastered on it into my Playstation 1. In fact, it has been a while. The odd thing is that while I’m joined by a lot of Parasite Eve fans in the joy that a new release is upon us, it’s neither on the PSone, nor is it titled Parasite Eve 3. It’s no surprise that it’s not on the PSone."

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ShyGuy132757d ago

But I haven't even played the 1st Birthday!

BeaRye2757d ago

I don't like that they named it 3rd Birthday. Might have killed the success of a great game.

Pozzle2757d ago

Apparently Square Enix don't own the rights to the "Parasite Eve" name anymore, so they had to call it something different.