Tabloid claims 3DS makes you sick, GamesRadar conduct simple analysis to mock it senseless

So, UK tabloid shit-rag The Sun continues its glorious tirade of heroic bloodshed against the 3DS.

Also, it's a hilarious load of old cobblers and david Houghton is now going to kick the crap out of it. Who's coming with david Houghton? It won't take long, david Houghton assures you. In fact in the interests of brevity, david Houghton is simply going to reproduce chunks of The Sun's test, conducted by professional doctor Carol Cooper and professional man-in-a-shirt Lee Price, along with david Houghtons own commentary. david Houghtons bit is the orange bit, in case that isn't clear at any point.

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JudgeDredd2782d ago

maybe the whole 3D without glasses feature was a bad idea for Nintendo. if it raises your blood pressure that much just to play 2 hours, there's going to be alot of sick people out there. I don't know, I could be wrong. I'll just wait for the NGP to come out next year.

soren2782d ago

why did u bring up the psp2? what does that system have to do with the 3ds? why dont u stick ont he psp2 parts of the site u dont see nintendo fanboys rushing on psp2 threads to bash it now do u why do ppl call it ngp? i dont get it its does the same stuff the psp already did besides 3g and the stolen touch screen lol the touch pad is useless oh yeaah the 2nd anolog i forget about that hm i find no use for it sept for shooters and i dont like shooters so uselss for me once again so for me the ngp is usless and something about gameing with one screen touch thing anoys me cus u only have one screen and u have to constenly get in the way of playing? thats why the dule screen metod works sept for some games which anoyed me like zelda T.T

JudgeDredd2781d ago

dude, I'm not bashing the 3DS. I only said that some people can't handle the 3D feature. when I said that I'll wait for the NGP, it does not make me a fanboy. I happen to own more than one console. so chill.

Jio2782d ago

Are you really believing what this tabloid is saying? The same tabloid that said "Grand Theft Auto turns people into pedophiles?"

ameowpickle2782d ago

just like the person wrote you can reduce the 3d using the slider on the right, no? the doctor's just bashing the 3ds because he's a sony fanboy.

starcrafter2782d ago (Edited 2782d ago )

So the main feature of the 3DS should be turned off because Nintendo screwed up? Yeah, he's just bashing it because he's a Sony fanboy.....

Even so, reducing it's main selling point.....

K922782d ago

He didnt say to turn it off, he said to REDUCE it, as in set the 3d to about half way with the slider.

batguyz2782d ago

think about a car, u can go at lets 200km/h at top speed right? now would u really be driving at that speed always? even if u have a ferarri that is made for speed,how fast do would u drive on the high way my friend? theres brakes in a car and u can guage how fast u can go,the 3ds slider is both brake and guage,these ppl are just talking plain rubbish,i dont have 3ds yet but im a long time gamer and i know bullshit when i see it

K922781d ago (Edited 2781d ago )

"Even so, reducing it's main selling point....."

Actually reducing it to half is not much of a difference from keeping it all the way up, but it does make it easier to focus without getting eye strain. (That is if you do get eye strain from keeping it all the way up)

Titanz2782d ago (Edited 2782d ago )

"The Sun" is full of something, stinky xd

Jestrella242782d ago

after playing with the 3s myself for like 4 hours straight with 3d on. theres nothing wrong with it

matey2781d ago

Its the best console ive ever played on x

Ace_19752782d ago

Gamesradar is about the shittiest rag of a gaming site I've ever come across, so them calling something else a shit rag is a joke.

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