Bizarre boss ends silence on closure: 'There was a chance to buy it back'

Former MD recalls PGR dev's final moments

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SuperSaiyan42809d ago

Microsoft, they keep letting developers slip through their fingers and hence the lack of exclusives *sigh*.

Fallouts2809d ago

i thought it was ms too! but it was acti?...

regardless i think bizzare was under ms at one point and let them go. i seriously think ms wont put out another console, maybe just another kinect.

AAACE52809d ago

Like Ninja Theory and several other developers no longer around... They never make games that made much impact! They were bound to be closed.

sp1deynut2809d ago (Edited 2809d ago )

...Bizarre Creations, like Bungie and BioWare, left MS...they weren't forced out. Blaming MS for not offering/attempting to bail out a former employee...who left them under their own retarded.

This is just typical Activision. If Bungie isn't careful and smart....which is now debatable, since they signed a contract with the devil...they'll end up just like IW, Bizarre, and others before them. Sure, they get you in the door with the whole "You're in's your IP/game"....and then WHAM! I would love to see Bungie's contract with Activision, because I can guarantee you there's something VERY sketchy...and legally binding...that they didn't see/catch.

MrBeatdown2809d ago

Activision bought Bizarre. In Bungie's case, it's just a publishing deal so Bungie is safe. If they're ever unhappy with Activision, I'm sure other publishers would line-up to sign a publishing deal with them.

MS should have bought Bizarre since they had the most obvious use for them (bringing back PGR) and are in greater need of first party studios than anyone else. It amazes me that they passed up such a perfect opportunity.

I think EA would have been the better fit though. They could have put Bizarre on the next Need For Speed and let Criterion go back to working on Burnout.

Oh well.

PandemicPrawn02809d ago

So to recap.

Activision shuts down one of their studios. But it's shame on Microsoft?

Bizarre left Microsoft in the first place because they felt that Forza was getting more publisher attention than PGR. They then called Micro "corporate and cocky." That’s all fair enough.

But if you are going to burn bridges like that you have to expect it to come back at some point.

It was rumored that multiple party’s including Microsoft where interested in picking up BC. Maybe there was a good reason nobody did?

Speculation at this point is useless.

theonlylolking2809d ago

Sony should have bought them and had them make a exclusive arcade racing title like blur for the NGP and playstation home console

Titanz2809d ago

I guess Mario Kart Wii showed them.

IHateYouFanboys2809d ago

it is funny how half the comments in here are bagging microsoft in one way or another lol.

Microsoft NEVER owned Bizarre. Bizarre just released some games exclusive to their console, like how Quantic Dream released Heavy Rain exclusive to the PS3 without Sony owning them.

Microsoft OWNED Bungie. they did not own Bizarre. got that through your heads? Bizarre could sell out to whoever they wanted at any time. Bungie asked to leave Microsoft, Microsoft said ok, and they became independent. Bizarre always have were independent.