GRTV: Guild Wars 2 interview (part 2)

GRTV talks to lead content designer Colin Johanson in the second of their two part interview. This time the talk focuses on the new Sulvari race, on something called "keg brawl", and where the team are in development at the moment.

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Swiftfox2806d ago

My interest in this title has really peeked over the past month. I like what I'm hearing about taking progressives steps and taking risks in what an MMORPG is and what it can be.

These decision, in the end, may work or they may not work, but at least steps are in fact being taken.

Free to play doesn't hurt at all either.

Merivigian2806d ago

@Swiftfox: I think it will completely work, it's new, it's fresh, it looks damn good, the story revolves around YOU, and it's free.. sounds great. I'm definitely buying this day 1.