3DS - A Migraine Sufferer's View

As anyone who knows me or has seen me wincing in the corner of a press event will attest, I suffer from unfortunate and partially debilitating headaches, and have done for some 8 years, often daily. I have some nerve damage in my neck and it causes pain, nausea and visual disturbances, along with dizziness and fatigue. It sucks, but everyone has a cross to bear. What it does do, though, is make me a fairly authoritative voice when it comes to the hot topic of the day; 3DS dizziness.

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Az1mov2784d ago

whether suffering from migraines or not, it does definitely give you some if you don't get a break every 15/30mins.

Stealth20k2784d ago

no it doesnt you idiot.

You can play for hours.

Its called letting your eyes adjust

matey2784d ago

i never take breaks this is a load of over blown nonsense just like when the wii was a gamecube Last story/MH3/Pandoras tower/Galaxy2/SSBB/ect all say hello and this rubbish about 3ds is all to do with NGP fanboys when the NGP comes out im going to post it everywhere that the system has a screen too big and causes ur eyes to hurt infact the pc screen hurts my eyes more than the 3ds on full 3Dits funny because nintndo have had no calls regarding the issue in the UK and its a smaller % than the people complaining about the wiimote injuries so this is conformation the 3ds will sell like hotcakes just needs a few stellar titles in which there are hundreds on the way then no one will look bk

Obelisk922784d ago (Edited 2784d ago )

You have a point, but I have a better one:

Use the damn punctuation.

dead_eye2784d ago

Really good article. I suffer from migraines to and was worried that it would cause major problems. Still would have to try it for myself for a day or 2 before I'd buy one (but anyone who suffers from migraines would understand that)