GRTV: Zipper on Socom 4

GRTV met up with Socom 4 game director Seth Luisi to discuss the multiplayer modes, control methods and Zipper's return to the franchise.

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RememberThe3572757d ago

Definitely buying this game. It looks super sick.

Ultraplayerxp2757d ago

I am having so much fun with the beta. This is my first console Socom game, and it feels so different from the other games I've played.

PimpHandHappy2757d ago

as a hardcore Socom fan i can say it has won me over... I understand its not THE OLD SOCOM but it is Socom and like all Socoms its a thinking mans shooter. I love the slower gameplay

Joni-Ice2757d ago

Slow? Socom 4 is not slow. Infact Socom 4 has the fastest gameplay out of all the Socoms.

PimpHandHappy2757d ago

should have made that clearer

its slow compared to what i have been playing since Socom in 2005

MidnytRain2757d ago (Edited 2757d ago )

It is a thinking man's shooter. Man, this game is going to be my favorite this gen. I've had some awesome moments. I remember heading towards the warehouse on Port Authority. There were some enemy players just waiting on us. The moment they peaked out to fire, I dived towards a crate in front of me. I slowly made my way to the crate in the ensuing gunfight and propped myself up against it. I switched to my sniper rifle, leaned out and BOOM! - headshot right to the remaining guy behind the shipping bins.

Especially when you're mic'd up with friends.

telekineticmantis2757d ago (Edited 2757d ago )

and add breach. and extraction, atleast, then it's a definite purchase.

Also remove the aiming reticle when in cover.

mrbattle4202757d ago

after a long wait(download and install) I played for about and hour and boom turn it off If it do come out in 2 weeks they need a lot of work to do and fast because it needs it !!or it will another mag and it will fail harder!!!

Joni-Ice2757d ago (Edited 2757d ago )

I deleted it already. I had it since Plus got it. I kept getting the grenade glitch. I will throw a grenade clear across the map but it still killed me. Also I kept getting the gun glitch where I couldnt get out of the armory and had to quit game. Got tire so I deleted.

@ Pimp, Someone told me once you unlock the gun MOD5 it starts the glitch I spoke about. I unlock Mod 5 for the M4.

PimpHandHappy2757d ago

never had any of those things happen and i have played a bit over 3 hours

MidnytRain2757d ago

That happened a few matches, but there was lag present, so that may be the cause. Rarely happened so far in my 23 hours.

MysticStrummer2757d ago

MAG sold over a million copies, which isn't bad for a new IP that's online only, and still has plenty of people playing it. I play all the time and rarely wait more than a minute between games. Granted, that's using Multiqueue, but as long as I can play when I want without waiting too long I'm happy. I guess your definition of "fail" differs from mine.

Joni-Ice2757d ago (Edited 2757d ago )

Yeah MAG didnt fail. It took me some time to adjust to the game modes but once that happened over 300 hours later I got the platinum trophy.

mrbattle4202756d ago

yeah it sold well and maybe i push it a little by called it fail ,but it was really hype with the 200+ players and it dint feel nothing like that plus it was like rush or someting ,I dont know I dont like it at all !!!but again is my opinion

omi25p2757d ago

i cant even get onto the beta, i just get a game update that takes around 30 minutes to get to 1percent

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