Notch, maker of Minecraft, answers the questions of the masses

The most successful indie game developer of our time is currently hosting a public interview. This event will likely end soon, so be sure to check it out!

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Lamarthedancer2757d ago (Edited 2757d ago )

They should of asked him how does he feels of FortressCraft...a total rip off of Minecrat.

Not a game inspired by it like Infiniminer was to Minecraft. I mean copying the game and just giving it a HD look to it.

tdrules2757d ago

Minecraft is more HD than Fortresscraft.

agentxk2757d ago

Minecraft has the customization with mods and add-ons that Fortresscraft will never have. If anything it will likely create a fan push to see a real console Minecraft

blitz0x2757d ago

Console would be awesome. As much as a mobile version sounds, I think my resulting lack of productivity would get me fired.

Lamarthedancer2757d ago

If Notch did do the console Minecraft that he has talked about before wouldn't that kill off FortressCraft.

I wish he would get it out first before FortreeCraft, the look on the FortressCraft creators face after he's spent ages working on "his very original idea" would be priceless

b163o12757d ago

Console version will be welcomed

agentxk2757d ago

I see the frustration but like he said, he likes the competition. It likely gives his original product more relevance.

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agentxk2757d ago

Notch is a classy guy, he'd have something witty to say about it.

BeastlyRig2757d ago (Edited 2757d ago )

This game is made with java code.

Does anyone know if a game like Minecraft would be possible with flash ActionScript 3.0??

blitz0x2757d ago

It could be possible, but my experience with AS warns me against trying anything of the sort. I believe notch went with java because it is very universal - can be used on a browser or on a desktop - even on mobile if the resources allowed. AS is not as versatile to be sure.