The Worst Is Yet to Come: Anonymous Talks To PlayStation LifeStyle

After extensively covering Anonymous’ attack on Sony, PlayStation LifeStyle’s news was heavily referenced across the internet by other gaming sites, but they weren’t the only ones to take interest in our articles. Anonymous had noticed, and they wanted to talk.

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THC CELL2786d ago (Edited 2786d ago )

Nice one interviewing scumbags man.

Up next they one of them planned 911

user94220772786d ago

It wasn't an interview the way you think it is... they found the author's, Sebastian Moss, details and were talking about his location, etc. They invited him into a chat and they talked about various things.

NewMonday2786d ago

Worst Is Yet to Come?

From their IRC chat it seems they don’t have enough man power and most of the kids got bored already.

hay2786d ago (Edited 2786d ago )

And thanks to those things we now know they don't stand for the freedom or "defenceless kids". Lack of freedom to use the hardware/software thousands of people paid for or expect to freely use is barely collateral damage to them.

It's easy to speculate and quite convincing they're bunch of hypocritic kids whom parents left to foster in front of a computer, without employment, fighting for piracy and attention.

gamesmaster2786d ago (Edited 2786d ago )

This is definitly N4G news 4 Gamers, if i saw any. Not exactly the good kind, but ill take this article over the miriad of sales opinion peices we see evey 2 hours..

On a side note, if these guys stand up for free speech, where are they now that julian assange is still being persued for the wikileaks affair? They got bored? these guys are just helping out a fellow hacker and they dont give two sh!ts about freedom of speech.

jeseth2786d ago

I wonder if these people think anyone cares?

Seriously, these guys need to get a life. Get out of your moms basement and do something producitve with you life instead of trying to prove something with all this hacker propaganda.

99% of people buying and playing games could care less and haven't even heard of these people and what they "are doing".

A lot of empty words.

Sarcasm2786d ago


Goes back to playing BFBC2 on PC.

WhittO2786d ago (Edited 2786d ago )

worst is yet to come?

I would say their attempts already have been really crap imo.

Didn't they go after Amazon with "all their power" aswell and couldn't even bring the site down except for a "blip" of service on the UK site, Amazon ploughed through them like they were a big pile of sh*te in the road.

Really, what have they done? The only thing I seem to read about them is bringing down a site for a few hours-if that and then moving on quickly, with short attention spans it seems, I bet they are all like 12-17 lol.

So much for them fighting for free speech, they should still be helping wikileaks if this were true, but they got bored-or are no longer getting attention for it.

They only go to where they can get the most attention then they move on, hypocrites.

juggulator2786d ago

All I know is that now when I go to PlayStation Blog my mouse pointer acts like its on crack. NOT COOL!!! :(

Ryo-Hazuki2785d ago (Edited 2785d ago )

lmao its funny how they think they're tough behind there computers. They are sad... get some sunlight

TheLastGuardian2785d ago (Edited 2785d ago )

Why do people want to have the PS3 hackable so badly? It's already the best console ever. You don't need custom firmware or other os. I use my PS3 all the time just playing games and watching netflix.

Sony does everything they can to please gamers. Sony doesn't deserve this.

Arknight2785d ago


Sony has nothing but protect their own investments and intellectual property here. I find it pretty sickening that anyone would try to cause this much trouble and expense for a Japanese company right now when they already have to deal with loss of revenue, facilities, and personnel. Not to mention the rising value of the yen which will destroy any profits they might make.

Anonymous are being nothing more than cowards who support theft.

MonkeyBoy922785d ago

I paid money to buy a PS3 and I spend money on games for that console!

I really can't believe they are actually bitching about a company making money and providing us with entertainment, if they don't like it then don't support them or buy their products!

If you want free games then play flash games or better yet learn how to program games and spend hours of your life working hard to create something you love and then give it out for free for us gamers to love and enjoy!

Yeah some games are a stroke and of course DLC is bullshit most of the time but it is us the customer that is buying it and is our decision!

I find this all exhausting and unnecessary to be honest.

xxBiG_BoSSxx2785d ago

is this what hacking is? i always thought it was an actual threat. i thought hackers were highly intelligent people that used there intelligence to usurp gov't programs and disrupt guidance systems.

i guess i, much like these kids, watch too many movies. nothing they're doing is going to affect anything. who wouldn't love to have a case of ky shipped to them? for people that have sex it comes in handy.

also, not being completely anonymous and speaking openly of their prank plans kind of deflates any negative impact they would have.

Dee_912785d ago

lol they watch too many movies

BattleAxe2785d ago

Its funny how Microsoft has been left out of all of this. MS is the greediest company around, but yet Sony offers a free service and this is what they get....

ChrisW2785d ago

What a funny article! Good read!!!

TotalPS3Fanboy2785d ago

They couldn't even take down Sony's websites, Sony's PSN network, Sony's Playstation Store, or any of Sony employee.

They have failed miserably. LOL.

somerandomdude2785d ago

Sony's probably waiting for them to do something worse / "stupid". The response will be legal action and a "your going to jail"

DragonKnight2785d ago

I swear the punk kids are the most annoying little mosquitoes I've ever heard of. They can't do sh*t all and they know it. They'll soon find out that no one is completely anonymous online if they keep pushing it. Sony has the money and the resources to find each and every one of them and bring them before a judge.

They think they're helping anyone, well I sure as hell didn't ask for their help, and neither did the millions of legit PS users that make up the majority of people that understand that YOU DO NOT OWN THE PS OPERATING SYSTEM OR PSN!!!

Pixel_Pusher2785d ago (Edited 2785d ago )

And Anonymous has struck again PSN is down 1:50am

I'm starting to fucking hate this group.


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Pandemic2786d ago

The hackers are people that don't care about anyone but themselves, b*stards.... :l

Orange2786d ago

not to mention, if you read the interview the dude Takai obviously just wants to puff his chest and act the big powerful man. Pure narcissicism. Takai needs to get laid.

Liefx2785d ago

What I hate is that from now on people will look at ANon as something bad, when it really isn't. This group of Anon's were stupid, but it is rarely the same people doing Anon's work. Anon handled this bad but tehy have done lots of good in the past.

Bimkoblerutso2785d ago


It doesn't really matter if "some" of anon is in it for the right reasons. Anon is anarchical and structureless meaning no order or rules can be enforced upon it, and given human nature there will always, ALWAYS be people that will take advantage of chaos in terrible ways when it presents itself.

Anon is simply not the right way to go about getting things changed. It's a cowards form of revolution and it's too easily abused. It's easy to spout off ideological BS when there is very little chance of retaliation from the forces you're "punishing."

ButterBomb2785d ago

As opposed to Sony who love you with all their heart and will be there at the funeral the day you die?

I find it funny a faceless corporation who is throwing their weight around and overstepping privacy rights(IMO) is treated like "one of the family" with so many on this site. If Sony could grab your wallet and take everything out of it and leave you with nothing they would. What a bro!

I have no prob with Sony defending their intellectual property but when they start subpoenaing websites with wide nets to grab as much info as possible(and intimidate) just because they have a handful of hackers breaking/stealing their security is overstepping.

Has the average consumer been so brainwashed and passivized with shiny toys that they will allow them to abuse liberties?

This goes for Sony or any other corporate fat cat who thinks they are worthy of invading ones privacy to protect their shareholders.

Bimkoblerutso2785d ago (Edited 2785d ago )


If Sony is breaking the law, then you take action openly and through the proper channels. You don't throw in with a faceless band of lawless misfits with a social structure (or lack thereof) that is more prone to abuse than the one they are attempting to bring down.

ButterBomb2785d ago

@Bimkoblerutso: The way I see it, laws have not caught up to the technology yet. Technically going after a provider for IP info with the proper warrant is not illegal.

However, it is frowned upon by privacy advocates and even the ISP's themselves, that battle is ongoing and by the time a change could even take effect Sony would have already pulled in the net's and have all sorts of personal info to sift through, mainly innocents who should not even be exposed to a corporate lackeys scrutiny in the first place.

This is a big company with lots of lawyers and lots of money going to an ISP and saying "to hell with what the people who's data this belongs to, we want it!" Why? Because we are Sony and we have lots of money and lawyers.

Is this really any different than what HOTZ did with the PS3? It just that Sony got permission to open up and snoop. It is wrong!

However, let me say that Anonymous is sending mixed messages. The initial announcement of the attack was speaking about the privacy aspect. Now, this "spokesman" is saying they are doing it for HOTZ and the other hacker and because software should be open source. That for me is not so cut and dry.

Arknight2785d ago


Sony has nothing but protect their own investments and intellectual property here. I find it pretty sickening that anyone would try to cause this much trouble and expense for a Japanese company right now when they already have to deal with loss of revenue, facilities, and personnel. Not to mention the rising value of the yen which will destroy any profits they might make.

Anonymous are being nothing more than cowards who support theft.

JD_Shadow2785d ago

You're NEVER going to be able to get into a rational, reasonable discussion about that here on N4G! Can't believe people keep trying.

See, the thing is that they are ALWAYS going to think that they are cowards because they are harming their little temple. This is because they are too immature to HOLD a rational discussion. They continue to wish physical harm on Geohot without even thinking twice. And even THAT would be not as bad if there wasn't 3/4ths of the site suddenly clicking on agree with someone who tells others to "kill that fuck" and then act as though they should be allowed to say such things, and then pleas to the mods to do something about it leads to NOTHING done! They are incapable of respecting the other side's opinion (and that other side would be respectable of the side that seems to be the majority here if it wasn't constantly laced with vitriol), and resort to backstabbing you if you so much as even question Sony's morality. They are ALWAYS, ALWAYS, the innocent company that has never done anything immoral while anyone who dares even consider taking them on becomes the antichrist.

Let me put it to you this way: when someone behaves the way I describe at , and when most of the PS3 fanboys here act the exact same way, you have a problem.

Seriously, I've seen PS3 fanboys on other sites that don't follow Sony as blindly or with as much hatred for the other side as those that I've seen on THIS site.

So yeah, I agree 110% with you, but I'm warning you who you're trying to convince.

zag2785d ago

I just wonder what Anon will do when Sony keep going after them 5 years later.

It's not like they can't afford to chase them for years is it?

All the stuff they are doing can be done to them just a easy, I guess they forget that.

You just need to hosting company then break in grab the computer set up a proxy and sit the computer and pick up everything along the way.

DDoSing openly gives your IP address, so people with hosted boxes for this will have name and address details and IP addresses given on that hosted box.

The problem for Anon is once you piss off the wrong people, they will chase you down, they won't care if it takes 10 years or more as it will become their job to chase them down, in other words they get paid to do it.

It's a bit like that catch me if you can movie 1 FBI guy chased after the guy for 20 years and never stopped, you can only run for so long and you can hide your details from givernment tax records police records birth certs etc, own a car you'll pay rego which they can track you down.

Life is going to become very very hard for some of these Anon people.

sobekflakmonkey2785d ago


For him to get laid, I think he would actually have to leave his parents basement, and go out and meet real people. Assuming he's not a 17-18 yr with an attitude...

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RankFTW2786d ago

Thanks Anon for sticking up for the little guys and fucking up PSN so I can't play online, wankers.

Focker4202786d ago

Yep PSN is currently down. I can't play online, can't talk to friends, and can't access the store. Thanks anon, big freakin help.

IcarusOne2785d ago

Thoroughly enjoying watching this story unfold and thrilled that I have XBL. Can't wait to see what happens next! Need popcorn...

mastiffchild2785d ago

Making fun out of other, fellow gamers misery rather than, idk, empathising with them and, maybe, playing a game or two yourself? Nice one Icarus.

Would you get the popcorn on to watch your neighbour's kids get killed in front of you, watch their home and car get torched or is your amusement solely at the expense of people who bought a different entertainment system than you did?

Seriously, I don't get why anyone would be pleased to see other gamers abused in the crossfire like this and I don't see it, either, bringing much support from Mr Average(who won't read articles like this anyway)for Anonymous. All they will know is some kids effed up their/their kids day off that they'd set aside for a game of Maddens or COD or whatever-only to find a simple DDOS attack has stopped them logging on. Nobody like that is even AWARE of Geohot and certainly NEVER asked for this intervention from Anon and it will be seen badly, trust me.

With a shapeless group without a leadership or raison d'etre clearly stated Anonymous is open to abuse from within from those with different motives or even those who simply enjoy pissing people off. They might garner more support(and I've thought them to be in the right on previous instances but this isn't the black and white affair they'd like us to think-that they involve themselves at all seems a lot less selfless than their previous attacks and more self serving too)if they were answerable to someone or had a face but the very nature of the set up is, imho, what's leaving them open to abuse from within and open to ridicule and doubts from people just suffering the fallout-surely the people they WANT to sway to their way of seeing this, no?

cyclonus0072785d ago

I bet you're praying that Microsoft never pisses off Anonymous. With the number of people MS has banned from Live, it's only a matter of time.

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InfectedDK2786d ago

Can't get online to get my PLUS content that I pay for.

gypsygib2786d ago

Yep, I can't believe he regards PS3 users as mere "collateral damage".

I'd love for anonymous to be tried under Anti-Terrorism laws, then they'd really be f'd.

CryofSilence2786d ago

When they are caught, they will be tried for for terrorism, and it will not be pretty for them.

Pintheshadows2786d ago

If everyone here who has the same issue attacked say 4chan at once we could ruin anonymous day.

dirtrider2786d ago (Edited 2786d ago )

i see you put this six hours ago, and some as recent as an hour ago, shit i hope it isn't true. i will see, i was wanting to play some assasins creed brother hood online before school tonight.

this shit is going too far. i will check before i hook up my modem in there and try to connect.

edit- son of a bitch, i can't even get to pull up. jeez. this sucks

IcarusOne2785d ago

You guys are equating not being able to access your online content with terrorism? No words can begin to describe how out of touch you are with reality.

CryofSilence2785d ago (Edited 2785d ago )

Usurping the Tusinian, Iranian, Egyptian, and Bahrainian government is blatantly terrorism, my friend.

Also, you are very, very wrong in your understanding of the reality of "terrorism."

Regard below:
1. the use of violence and threats to intimidate or coerce, especially for political purposes.

2. the state of fear and submission produced by terrorism or terrorization.

3. a terroristic method of governing or of resisting a government.


Need more of a check on "reality"?

IcarusOne2785d ago

You're right. And I'm sure the n4g posters who want these guys treated as terrorists really give a shit about the overarching political impact Anonymous has had.

They're just pissed that they can't access their Sony shit, and that concern is a far cry from the likes of the modern day buzz word that is terrorism.

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tehdewm2786d ago

Way to be an ignorant ass pounder. Even if you are against an idea, you must here both sides. Even if everyone saw a guy kill hundreds of people on the street, still in court he gets to tell his side. I don't agree with what they are doing, but this interview is not some friendly cyber-meeting.

gorebago2786d ago (Edited 2786d ago )

I don't condone the Sony attacks at all since I'm an honest ps3 gamer but after reading the article, I do support their other attacks.

The youtube porn day is funny and what they did to Westboro gets a thumbs up for me.

Anyways to stay relevant, what they say about stealing employees information is unethical. I've worked at countless places where I did it for the pay, hated my bosses, etc. I would hate for some outside partie to use my information to attack me for some beef they have with my boss. That's wrong and def crosses a line.

I don't know. Geohotz is a tool so I'm not sure why anyone would stand in solidarity with him. He has no integrity. Acts like a spoiled brat. Why wouldn't you want him to go down as the fall guy? Better him than you. The brightside if there is one in this situation is thst they're only making things muh worse for him. The judge will see what his community is really all about and make a huge example out of him.

One can hope.

Christopher2786d ago

***Even if you are against an idea, you must here both sides.***

No, that's the legal system. I don't have to listen to murderers if I don't want to. In this case, I choose to not listen to people who think the best route to get attention from Sony is to disrupt the ability of innocent users to use what they've paid for.

It's this logic that is GeoHot's issue as well. Yup, he's says he's all anti-piracy (while talking about playing a Super Mario Bros. ROM on his PS3?) but knows that what he does will result in someone enabling piracy. It's like me being anti-war and yet my profession is in making ammo and selling them worldwide.

And don't give me the BS statement that his CFW patch didn't enable piracy. He enabled piracy the moment he distributed the metldr keys. The only reason we haven't heard more about it is because of Sony vs GeoHot.

Orange2786d ago

"but after reading the article, I do support their other attacks."

what about that self-masturbatory, non-sensical chest-puffery converted you to a supporter? the thrust of the guy's argument is "sony needs to understand that they can only push people so far."

wow. what a manifesto.

IcarusOne2785d ago

"to disrupt the ability of innocent [customers] to use what they've paid for"

I'm pretty sure this is the best and only way to truly get the attention of a multinational corporation. What would you like them to do, write a strongly worded letter?

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BubbleSniper2786d ago

i fear they will cause PSN to be pay2play in future..

i hope i wrong...

dirtrider2786d ago

yes it could come to that, and there would be nothing that us, the gamers, could say. i just that all peoples info on psn and all stays secure. which i am sure it will.

but damnit these dudes are screwing with my play time.

chidori6662786d ago

To all the people who are criticizing Anonymous: SONY started it by going after OUR FAMILIES and friends. Get a f**king clue.

GraySnake2786d ago

how bout you get a f**king clue?
Sony has gone after 2 people, That's it. Anon is doing nothing but vindicating all the anti-"hackers" attitudes towards this..

Alcohog2786d ago

Not too bright, are you?

RememberThe3572786d ago

Shut the fuck up. No one went after your family or anyone you know. Stop trying to justify this groups action with lies.

solidjun52786d ago

Family and friends? Ok...sure buddy.

MrBeatdown2786d ago

lol, no.

Geohot and Graf_Chokolo are two people. One blew the doors wide open on PS3, exposing the system to online game hacks, security risks, and piracy, and he did it by altering and redistributing Sony's code, which he didn't own.

The other attempted to blackmail Sony into dropping legal action against Hotz.

If those two idiots were my family and friends, I'd be glad to be rid of them.

RankFTW2786d ago

Don't feed the troll, move along.

jeseth2786d ago

chidori666 :

So people break the law and get sued.

This seems wrong to you?

Just_The_Truth2786d ago

if you brake the law you get punished George and others broke the law and that's that you don't run a red light then get mad at the fact it's illegal if you really feel something should be changed fight for it legally. They have no morals no set of rules to live by they are having fun thats it. why don't they try to make some realy change in peoples lives by working with the cops to find rapist and murderers or bring down the food industries that posion our food and land with it chemicals chemicals and forces worker to be silent and competitors out of business no they go after a company that just wants to protect their business and property george could have modded him ps3 and kept quiet but no he needed to be famous these kids have a mob mentality and feel they can't be touched i hope they all get jail time and grown up it's not about what the're doing it why.

lee_ten2786d ago

and here, my friends is the ultimate form of a troll.

you need to sit down and let the grownups talk.

starcb262785d ago

How fucking stupid are you?

EvilBreeD2785d ago (Edited 2785d ago )

You sir are a complete dumbass. I cant even put into 2 words the bullshit u spew. FUCK OFF

edit: wtf, replied under wrong post.should be chidori666

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StanSmith2786d ago

I am getting really fucked off with not being able to sign in to my psn account. Doesn't anon realise that they are driving people to support sony! At this moment in time, it isn't sony controlling how i use my purchase, it's anon. So much for fighting for the people against the corporations!

Either Sony should sort this or anon should go and hack something useful like government systems to let the people know about lies we have been told. This is fucking petty attacking users like myself!

BlackTar1872786d ago

not to screw myself over but i have had no problem with PSn and have been playing DCUO for the last week problem free.

plb2786d ago (Edited 2786d ago )

Unbiased journalism. Btw ddos is lame. Real hackers are laughing at these guys.

Kaneda2786d ago

Real hackers wouldn't go to media to get attention.. they will stay silence and achieve their goals and purpose..

Anon is just annoying...